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Introduced 2004
TLD type National
Status Active
Sponsoring organization Government of Asyhlo AO
Intended use Asyhloan websites
Actual use Asyhloan websites
Registration restrictions Free for residents of Asyhlo AO; for non-residents, a domain may be registered if the website is in Asyhloan, but for a small fee.
Structure One second level domain (.gov.aao) used by the government, other sites do not require a second-level domain
Web site www.dopr.gov.aao/domain

.aao is Asyhlo AO's Internet TLD. All Asyhloan residents can register for their own website for free. Non-residents can register for a small fee if their website is in the Asyhloan language. Each government department maintains a website at .gov.aao.


Government (.gov.aao)

  • ahm.gov.aao - Asyhlo History Museum; in 2005, the AHM attempted to put most of its exhibits online, but stopped about a third of the way through, so much of the site is empty.
  • doe.gov.aao - Department of Education; includes college-level course listings up to three months in advance as well as pages for each of the four schools on Asyhlo AO
  • doh.gov.aao - Department of Health; Includes staff listing and copies of accreditation, plus "helpful health hints"
  • doi.gov.aao - Department of Intelligence; mostly an online library catalog
  • doir.gov.aao - Department of International Relations, including:
    • doir.gov.aao/tourism - Tourist information on Asyhlo AO in Asyhloan, Pmace and English
    • doir.gov.aao/un - United Nations information
    • doir.gov.aao/pmace - Pmace Embassy
    • doir.gov.aao/metalgolem - currently offline
  • doj.gov.aao - Judiciary, which, at /laws, records all laws which make things illegal, along with the punishments for breaking those laws
  • dopm.gov.aao - Department of Police and Military; contains basic information on operations
  • dopr.gov.aao - Department of Public Relations, including government press releases and sound clips of government broadcasts on 89.9 fm
  • dote.gov.aao - Department of the Environment; most information is contained on /np, the National Park's page
  • pots.gov.aao - Department of Transportation; includes printable train schedules
  • senate.gov.aao - Senate page; currently only contains links to other sites

Political Parties

  • vcp.aao - The Velveteen Crumpet Party's website is the most developed of any party site in Asyhlo AO. The site includes detailed descriptions of national leaders, policy, and party history.
  • dp.aao - The Duchy Party's website is mostly focused on Asyhlo AO's history during the duchy period, and contains little by way of party information.
  • spa.aao - The Socialist Party's website is just one page, and has not been updated in over a year.
  • leite.aao - The page for the Leitista party is contentless and parked, although it is officially registered to the party.


The government maintains an official directory of all websites with the .aao domain registered to businesses.

  • 4.aao - Channel 4's website has some basic information, as well as links to government press releases and the like.
  • asyhloair.aao - Asyhlo Air's site has flight schedules, and the company is installing an online-booking system. The site is in Asyhloan, English and Pmace
  • asyhloplantationdirectory.aao - A few large Asyhloan plantations banded together to register one combined site, and each plantation has a page. All other plantations register as individuals
  • asyhloparadise.aao and resortasyhlo.aao - These are the two west-coast resorts with their own websites. On each, you can book a room, and they also have links to Asyhlo Air's site as well as a few governent information pages.
  • lilacpress.aao - This is the official press of Olav Lilac's estate/publisher; the website is only in Asyhloan, although the books are translated into several other languages.
  • palmelatheater.aao - The Palmela Theater has show schedules and directions, as well as information on other cultural events in Palmela.
  • radio973.aao - Radio Asyhlo has a number of news and entertainment features on their site, as well as bios of hosts and staff.
  • radio977.aao - Radio Asyhlo uses this domain for its Pmace-language version of the site; it mostly contains links to advertisers.
  • riveraunt.aao - The Riveraunt, a popular eatery in Palmela, maintains a large website including forums.
  • rockpress.aao - This is the largest publisher in Asyhlo; it also has convenient Asyhloan-Pmace and Asyhloan-English dictionaries, and is working on an Asyhlo-Metalgol one.
  • shock.aao - The website of this electrotherapy equipment manufacturer is mostly targeted towards prospective buyers. It is notable in that it is not at all in Asyhloan, but is completely in English.


Unlike with businesses, the Asyhloan government does not maintain a public list of websites registered to individuals. Current unofficial estimates place the approximate number at about twenty to thirty sites. A few significant ones are listed here.

  • asyhlobookreview.aao - One of the first sites to register a domain in 2004, this site reviews books that have been written or translated into Asyhloan.
  • jain.aao - This small site registered to a Jainist leader on the island describes the general principles of Jainism; it has not been edited since it was first uploaded in 2005.
  • metalgolopposition.aao - One of the most-visited websites registered to Asyhlo, this is an official website of the Metalgol opposition-in-exile. Run by a woman named Malea, it has news from Metalgolem and the Metalgol community in Asyhlo. The site is largely in Metalgol. The site was officially banned by the Metalgol government soon after it went online. In fact, most Asyhloan sites, including all government ones plus those for media, resorts and political parties are banned.
  • pmace.aao - This is the official site of Asyhloan expatriates, mostly living in Pmace. It is the only (known) site registered to a non-resident, but it was granted permission since it is completely in Asyhloan. The site has extensive forum areas, and hosts blogs in Asyhloan from both residents and expatriates.
  • robertalmeida.aao - Robert Almeida's personal website acts as the website for the Leitista party, although the party also has its own officially registered website (see .aao#Political Parties). It is thought that this is to get around Metalgolem's ban on Asyhloan political sites: the Leitistas are the only pro-Metalgolem party in Asyhlo AO.
  • wewantourtrails.aao - This political pressure group demands that the government create trails through the National Park. The organization mostly consists of business leaders. In the 2004 elections, the organization endorsed the Duchy Party, since they consider the VCP and SPA to be "too green" whereas the Leitistas are "not green enough."
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