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TLD type National
Status Active
Sponsoring organization Ariddian Sub-Secretariat for Science and Technology
Intended use Ariddian websites
Actual use Same
Registration restrictions Registration is free for all Ariddians. Non-Ariddians are required to pay a symbolic fee.
Structure Private citizens may register second level domains, or third level ones, as they prefer.
Web site ssst.gouv.ari/Internet/info/usage

.ari is the Internet TLD for the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia. As the first level domain is free for Ariddian nationals, it is customary for personal websites to register simply under the .ari domain.

For the purpose of legislation in this field, citizens of West Ariddia are considered by the Ariddian government to be Ariddian nationals, and may register with .ari for free. As the West Ariddian .swa TLD is not free, many pro-PDSRA West Ariddians have .ari websites, much to the annoyance of the West Ariddian authorities.

The best-known .ari website is undoubtedly pina.ari, the website of Public International News Ariddia.

List of major Second Level Domains

gouv.ari Any government website
edu.ari Used mainly by universities
net.ari Free for any to use
org.ari Any non-government organisation or association
cmt.ari Any local community

Note that the “.com.ari” domain does not exist. Any private citizen may use either “.ari” or “.net.ari” indiscriminately. The domains ".cmt.ari" and ".org.ari" are sometimes used interchangeably, although the former is intended for community projects and websites at the level of a village, small town or city district, or a work community on a local level. The ".cmt.ari" domain is therefore intended to reflect Ariddia's communist society.

E-mail providers

Every Ariddian is entitled to an ...@eehele.ari e-mail address, provided by the government. e’ehele is a Wymgani word, loosely translated as "important message sent to a person or persons outside one's own community"; it can also signify a messenger.

Any community, group or organisation may also create its own e-mail provider.

Ariddian dependent territories’ TLDs

Ariddia holds sovereignty or governance over a number of dependencies, each of which has its own TLD, used solely in combination with .ari. These are:

Ariddian Antarctica.ara.ari
Ariddian Arctic Islands.aai.ari
Gnatanamo.gnt.ari / .gnt.ut


  • ESAT is officially a sovereign nation, but its TLD is linked to that of Ariddia. Only two websites use the .eat.ari TLD. They are esat-info.gouv.eat.ari, and esat_un_mission.gouv.eat.ari.
  • The .ehy.ari domain, that of Eshyosha, is registered but not in use.
  • Residents of Gnatanamo, a territory belong to Uhuh-Topia but governed by Ariddia, are free to use .ut (Uhuh-Topia), .ari, .gnt.ut, or .gnt.ari.
  • West Ariddian citizens sympathetic to the PDSRA are requesting the creation of a .lim.ari domain, which would imply that Limea is part of Ariddia. At present, this domain does not yet exist.
  • There has been some talk of registering a .ard domain, which would be common to all three Ariddian countries, but those talks are still in the early stages.
  • The TLDs of Ariddia’s dependent territories, and of ESAT, are used exclusively in combination with .ari. Hence, the domains .ara, .aai, .eat., .ehy and .gnt on their own are not registered by Ariddia nor any of its territories, and remain available for other nations to claim.

Websites most viewed by foreigners

The following Ariddian websites are among the most visited by non-Ariddians.

Top Level Domains
Currently active: .aao | .an | .ari | .asg | .bsk | .ca | .cdl | .ce | .cf | .cr |.csl| .el | .emp | .fe | .fps | .frc | .fs | .gt | .idu | .ine | .jey | .ked | .kh | .la | .len | .mpv | .my | .nb | .ne |.no | .noe | .nwa | .pc | .pu | .qd | .rp | .rta | .sb | .sbu | .sk | .sna | .sw | .swa | .swi | .tvr | .uie | .ukin | .un | .ur | .usec | .ut | .vk | .wk | .zr | .zz
Reserved/inactive: .fbr | .gtz | .pta | .snj | .vf | .zy