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Introduced 27th April, 1994
TLD type National
Status Active
Sponsoring organization Formerly the Eluvataran Royal Communications Council
Intended use Eluvataran websites
Actual use Eluvataran websites
Registration restrictions The ERCC would charge a small fee for registration, but any content would be permitted.
Structure All may register second level domains.
Web site down

.el is the Internet TLD of Eluvatar.

In Eluvatar, most computers are either produced in the nation or imported from other Lexiconian. The internet used to be regulated by the Eluvataran Royal Communications Council (ERCC) but with the First Lexiconian War and the demise of the former government, followed by the Imperial withdrawal, it is uncertain how it will be regulated in future.

List of major Second Level Domains

gov.el Governmental websites
com.el Commercial websites
eru.el Religious websites
net.el Other websites
The United People's Militia of Eluvatar / The Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar
Major Articles: Peté Tar-Ilium
Cities: Romenna, Eldalondë, Meneltarma, Annuminas, Anor, Ilium, Finnseki, Besseki, Minos
Geography: Lake Lex, White Mountains, River An, River Or, River El
Languages: English, Eruvite, Sindarin
Miscellaneous: .el

Top Level Domains
Currently active: .aao | .an | .ari | .asg | .bsk | .ca | .cdl | .ce | .cf | .cr |.csl| .el | .emp | .fe | .fps | .frc | .fs | .gt | .idu | .ine | .jey | .ked | .kh | .la | .len | .mpv | .my | .nb | .ne |.no | .noe | .nwa | .pc | .pu | .qd | .rp | .rta | .sb | .sbu | .sk | .sna | .sw | .swa | .swi | .tvr | .uie | .ukin | .un | .ur | .usec | .ut | .vk | .wk | .zr | .zz
Reserved/inactive: .fbr | .gtz | .pta | .snj | .vf | .zy