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Introduced 2053
TLD type Imperial, Cooperative
Status Active
Sponsoring organization Imperial Information Secriat
Intended use Internet Communications Media for the Empire
Actual use Same
Registration restrictions Only to be used by citizens or organizations of the Empire, or other approved entities.
Structure Multiple domain levels and subdomains
Web site {Under Construction}

.kir is the Internet TLD used by the Kiravian Empire. It contains government as well as private domains, free of charge to Kiravian citizens. No content restrictions are in place, nor are the domains censored.

.kir is home to most of the Coscivian-language versions of popular English sites.

Provincial SLDs

aoc.kir Antarctic Ocean Colony
ana.kir Aeonara
ceu.kir Ceuvara
con.kir Coniferousia
dst.kir Despre-Tine
evg.kir Evergreena
ens.kir Enscirya
erv.kir Erinava
isc.kir Iscova
xyr.kir Xirya

Categorical Secondary and Tertiary Domains

art.kir Arts
agri.kir Agriculture
com.kir Commercial
corp.kir Corporate
col.kir Colonization
gov.kir Government
ser.kir Imperial Service
mil.kir Military
eco.kir Enviornment
sci.kir Science
admin.kir Administration
edu.kir Education
ind.kir Industry
rec.kir Recreation
conv.kir Talk, Messaging, FOrums
wiki.kir Wikis
info.kir Information
per.kir Private Citizens
sof.kir Software
mail.kir E-mail