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Introduced 1990
TLD type National
Status Active
Sponsoring organization Guest Corp
Intended use United Island Empires' websites
Actual use All purposes.
Registration restrictions There are no restrictions on a .uie filename.
Structure All domains are controled by the Guest Corp central computer system.
Web site www.GuestCorp.uie

.uie is the internet TLD for United Island Empires.

United Island Empires on NSwiki
Main article: United Island Empires
Federal States: Alal, Charles Town, Dattamenaton, Delta Town, Fenarerativia, Ferren Island, Gattah, Garomenia, Holders Island, Hong Kong Is, Isle of Fyrl, Isle of Tyme, Kalisone, Magtony, Okorty, Overseas Territories of the United Island Empires, Rarren Island, Rezörk City, Sekore Island, Uni, Zarrah Peninsular, Zeland
Shareholding Corporations of the United Island Empires: Guest Corp, IEC Bank, Indigo Logging
Other info: .uie, Antilles Yent, Etlo-Tommybob War, Garomenian, King's Pound, Law and Order in the United Island Empires
For more information or to see non-listed pages, please see Category:United Island Empires

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