10 Frowning Street

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Executive Plaza's neon lights glow over Paradise City's Green Zone.

10 Frowning Street is the address for Executive Plaza in Paradise City's Green Zone, and a term often used to describe the institution of the Kennyite presidency. The 30-story complex includes office suites for the president's considerable personal and professional staff, museums, libraries, gift shops, staterooms, the Cabinet Room, the Situation Room, secure below-ground bunkers, the Executive Office of the President, and the president's roof-level private residence/Karmicarian embassy. The highrise building is across the street from the capitol building (which is lovingly called "the Snakepit"), and surrounded on three sides by various other buildings housing government departments and agencies. These include the Jackson Office Building, where the offices for the State, Treasury and Justice departments are located; City Place, housing the offices for the Interior, Commerce and Welfare departments; separate headquarters for ALIAS, the central intelligence agency; various slums and crackhouses (one of which is a proposed alternate site for UN Headquarters); and the Department of Mysteries, created in 2003 so the relentless conspiracy-mongers would finally shut the hell up. Its primary function is wasting tax dollars on investigating UFOs (most of which turn out to be Yeldan spacecraft) and other reports of paranormal phenomena.
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