2006 Asgarnieu/Araban Border Conflict

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Asgarnieu/Araban Border Conflict Summary
Date: November 2006
Locations: Asgarnieu/Araban West/East Border
Outcome: Araban defeated militarialy
Casualties (approx.)
Military: 27 dead
Civilian: 0 dead
Total: 27 dead
Main Participants
Asgarnieu Araban


The 2006 Asgarnieu/Araban Border Conflict is a major battle between the two soverign nations of Asgarnieu and Araban (Asgarnieu's protectorate). It is an ongoing conflict over the current borders, and Araban's desire to expand. Asgarnieu is, at this point, unwilling to compromise.

The Beginning

Araban's Polizia Nazionale de Araban is the primary defense force of Araban. Its Homeland Division police force is responsible for securing all Asgarnieu/Araban borders in the tiny nation.

24 Polezia Nazionale de Araban troops suddenly opened fire on 15 Asgarnian Border Defense Force soldiers checking cars as they entered the nation. The Border Defense Force soldiers quickly eliminated them, and suffered only minor injuries. The Arabanian troops were killed, but before they were all eliminated, the troops called for reinforcements.

3 Minutes after the firefight, one of Araban's eight He-21F attack helicopters began strafing the border with 70mm Hydra rockets. 3 Border Defense soldiers were killed in the attack.

Seven hours after the helicopter attack, 2 Uphillian and 2 PyroFanatican AH-66 Comanche Attack Helicopters, accompanied by 4 Asgarnian NAH-54 Naval Attack Helicopters from the nearby Grudent Naval Air Base began firing missiles and rockets. They hit several police vehicles and several soldiers were killed. The Arabanians opened fire with small arms, damaging one of Uphill's AH-66 Helicopters.

Conflict as of 11/14/06

The Asgarnian troops have since cut off all travel from Araban into Asgarnieu. 30 MBT-104 'Carrion' Main Battle Tanks have been stationed at the site of the conflict. Things seem to be resolving, but the Arabanian Government has since demanded a border re-sizing. The Asgarnian Government has denied, and threatened Araban with removal from the Protectorate Union.

Governmental Positions

The Asgarnian Government has denied the orders from the Arabanian government regarding re-sizing the national borders. Asgarnieu is comfortable with its current borders, and says that it will not give in.

The Arabanian Government is demanding that Asgarnieu listen to its pleas, but has little in the way of making them.

Asgarnieu has threatened to send the 30 tanks into the heart of the tiny city-state as well as begin aerial bombardment campaigns, however, Araban has threatened to use more powerful weaponry. It is unclear as to the whereabouts of any type of high-power weapon that Araban may posess.

The Outcome

In the end, Araban was defeated militarily. The 30 MBT-104 tanks began shelling military outposts, and a F/B-150C Fighter/Bomber dropped a guided bomb on the military head quarters. The Polezia Nazionale de Araban has since been reduced to a mere police force, armed only with patrol cars, bean-bag shotguns, and pistols.