2008 Scarpathian Olympics

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Scarpathian Olympics

The 2012 Scarpathian Olympics will be the first ever Scarpathian Olympics. The Scolympics (slang name) was meant to debut in 2006 but plans to go ahead failed. All events will be the same as the normal Olympics.


Innitially, 4 countries bidded for the Olympics.

Renavo 2012, Earthsea Islands Motto- Let the Dreams Begin.

Carnise 2012, Ekoz Motto- People. Place. Passion

Empire City 2008, Helghaast Motto- N/A

Perdu 2008, Aemos Motto- N/A

Alluvwa 2012, Bruscque Motto- N/A

Both Empire City and Perdu dropped out of the bidding sesion because of financial reasons and were unable to hold the 2008 Scolympics. Carnise, Bruscque and Renavo will now face head to head as the SOC (Scarpathian Olympic Commitee) will award the Olympic flame to.