21st Century Communities

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A diverse and vibrant region where chickens can fly and anything is possible. Civilization is managed by the largest artificial intelligence device in the world (Jeffrey), which takes its values from the remnants of the last surviving ape of Blair. Jeffrey insists on society being run democratically and electronically.

The tropical climate of 21st Century Communities attracts a wide range of visitors; most notably an influx of B-list superhero’s who chose to retire to the base of Mt Evissocxe. A visit to the region may include encounters with Flame Boy, Cherry Girl or Yoshimi.

Helio Gumbit is home to the regions largest music industry. Many ancient bands from across the planet converge here to record their latest albums. Latest offerings are those from, REM, Flaming Lips and the Cheeky Girls. Music therapy is the dominant remedy for the strains of everyday life. A free service which is available through Jeffrey downloads via public access kiosks.