247Cm Nuclear Reactor

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The 247Cm Nuclear Reactor is a engine that uses the isotope Curium 247 as fuel.


Over a period of many years, the scientists in Almohed have harnessed the power of the isotope Cm-247 (Curium) which has a half-life of 16 million years. The scientists discovered that the byproduct of using Cm-247 could be turned into heat, instead of radioactive waste, causing more fuel for the engine. The engine uses fusion to fully harness the power of the isotope.


Almohed hopes to sell other nations the plans to the engine, so that others might benefit from its usage.

Licensed Dealers

Almohed is the only nation that has the right to sell the plans to the 247Cm Nuclear Reactor. If anyone is caught selling the plans, the rights to produce the engine will be stripped, and the nation will be ignored.