2 Miles Past Nowhere Pact

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2 Miles Past Nowhere Pact
Headquarters: 2 Miles Past Nowhere
Members:  ?
Type: Defensive
Forum: none

Historical Perspective

The 2 Miles Past Nowhere Pact (or 2MPN Pact as it came to be known) was an early alliance created in response to the growing power of the GDODAD. A handful of nations, including Santa Barbara, formed a loose allegience to 'contain GDODAD aggression,' an objective which the 2MPN Pact failed to reach. Although it's members encompassed several nations who were already engaged in warfare with the GDODAD, the 2MPN Pact as a whole was largely ineffective militarily, instead serving only as an international rallying call.

Cruel Irony

A major mover and shaker in the formation of the Pact, the United Socialist States of Santa Barbara, under President Bob Pratt, later abandoned the policies of the 2MPN Pact "rallying call" and joined the GDODAD's membership ranks.