2nd Karfainuaxa War

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The Second Karfainuaxa War (1946-1950

One Year after the Zanx occupation ended, the Moxiga in N.Gharrakland massacred the immediate family of President Yimmir Akbar, put in place by the Zanx government, for the sole reason that he refused to even think about claiming Karfainuaxa. A new Maxua, the pschotic Hunim Uziam was elected, with pressure from the Moxiga. Soon over twenty million soldiers (90% of them civillian volunteers) were gathered in New Manache, base of the N.Gharraklandic army, ready to infiltrate Zanski and destroy any soldiers.

The Zanx army, however, were ready, and Jarak Arma ordered 300 Sonicmaster planes to fly over New Manache and destroy the whole army, and this was almost completed. Only thirteen million survived, making the New Manache strike the most deadly raid ever in Continential Gharrakland.

The Moxiga appeared at the Zanx border, and within two days they had destroyed most of the Zanx forces-but this time they had marched to Zanski's biggest city, Shuza. Two thousand civillians were massacred. Although Zanx forces came to help, the Moxiga, with almost five million members, went East to their original target before the raid-Karfainuaxa.

The N.Gharrakland army came to the scene, with twenty-seven million N.Gharrakan combatants in all.

ZATA managed to intercept The Moxiga, and a battle between the two arch-rivals commenced in Quinta Forest just ten miles outside the Karfainuaxa boundaries, but The Moxiga prevailled when ZATA retreated. The Moxiga sent off one million to trail the survivors, who had been tracked by The Moxiga's computers. They followed them to the ZATA H.Q in NW Xanka, but the Zanski army stopped them and surrounded them with helicopters, troops and tanks, killing about a thousand before telling them to retreat or they would die too. They did, but were captured and sent to Yatta island prison, where the mastermind behind N.Gharrakland's original Karfainuaxa invasion still was.

Meanwhile, the majority of the N.Gharraklandic army and the Moxiga were blowing up villages in the Karfainuaxa desert. A controversial move was made, and the N.Gharraklandic army infiltrated North, South and Central desert city. This is when the Moxiga turned on them, killed some soldiers and made their way home.Zanski infiltrated the cities too, to defend them. In central Desert city, no shots could be fired, as this was a holy city and both countries had a majority of Sulaxists and Gharrakmanists, thus giving it the nickname "The Silent Invasion". As no shots could be fired, they had to negotiate it peacefully. They agreed to keep it within Zanx borders, but have N.Gharrakland hae control over the main Turrakke and North, South and Central desert cities, making the Cities a disputed territory.



Dead Soldiers: 996,000 (ZOA)

Wounded Soldiers: 1,163,034 (ZOA)

Dead Civillians (Found):733,219

Wounded Civillians: 1,556,182

Soldiers Deployed: 13,000,000

New Gharrakland

Dead Soldiers: 2,044,663 (New Gharrakland Gov.)

Wounded Soldiers:1,443,194 (New Gharrakland Gov.)

Dead Civillians:177,006 (New Gharrakland Gov.)

Wounded Civillians: 381,746 (New Gharrakland Gov.)

Soldiers Deployed: 8,000,000


Dead Militiamen(Approx.): 775,000 (ZATA)

Wounded Militiamen(Approx.):850,000 (ZATA)

Militiamen Deployed: 2,000,000


Dead Militiamen (Approx): 600,000 (Moxiga)

Wounded Militiamen (Approx): 800,000 (Moxiga)

Militiamen Deployed: (Approx): 4,000,000


Dead Soldiers: 36,116 (BOF)

Wounded Soldiers: 39,895 (BOF)

Dead Civillians(Found): 6 (Basancha Gov.)

Wounded Civillians: 142 (Basancha Gov.)

Events in Aftermath

  • 2nd March 1949:ZATA-Moxiga shootout on Humi Street, Northern Desert City.
  • 7th April 1949: Large Battle between ZATA and Moxiga over ownership of Kadim village, 19 miles east of Northern Desert City. Mortars, Rocket launchers, Rail Guns and Tanks are used. The battle rages for 17 Days. ZATA prevail.
  • 1st December 1950: New Gharrakland and the Moxiga capture all of Karfainuaxa and announce it an indipendant state.

  • 2nd January, 1951: President Jarak Arma announces that he "Can feel a Third Karfainuaxa War brimming in the pot" and "New Gharrakland must be stopped...Whether that involves the destruction of the state is not up to me...It must be done."