32nd North Ahjeezistan General Election

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This general election took place on 1 January 2007. Results for the Senate (decided by proportional representation) are first, followed by results for the House of Representatives.

27 January 2046 North Ahjeezistan General Election: Senate
Party Votes % ±%
Social Democratic 267,252,000 48.9 -4.3
Liberal Democratic 260,202,000 47.4 +0.5
Conservative 19,053,500 03.7 +3.7

27 January 2046 North Ahjeezistan General Election: House of Representatives
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Social Democratic Lady Graham 267,252,000 107 -15
Liberal Democratic Lord Hanning 260,202,000 100 +4
Conservative Lord Cochran 19,053,500 11 +11

Incumbent Social Democrat Lady Graham had tepid personal approval ratings hovering around 45%, her party's slightly lower at a 42% average. Lord Hanning, however, had approval ratings in the high thirties, with his party's occasionally dipping below 30%. Lord Cochran's hovered around 50%, easily the highest, but his party's were usually in the single digits. The result was a minority government for the Social Democrats; the two right-of-centre parties refused to form a coalition government. It was the first ever minority government in North Ahjeezistan's history. Leader of the Opposition Lord Hanning resinged, replaced by Lady Derentiàr, with personal approval ratings above 60%. She enables the Liberal Democrats to lead both the Social Democrats and Conservatives in vote intention, though the Social Democratic Party's approval ratings remains significantly higher than the Liberal Democrats'.

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