4th Squadron

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The 4th Squadron is the newest squadron in the Royal Navy of Sicinia Salis, created with the explicit purposing of defending Sicinian possessions in the New World. Although its official headquarters is in Palash and its main supply depot is in Shashi, most of the fleet currently is spread out at Fort La Marre, Fort Hillbourne, and Fort Mercharde.

Although the 4th Squadron is officially made up of only Navy vessels, its works closely with the Company squadron of New Chanaud and together the two have set up a single chain of command and logistics network.

Rated Vessels in the 4th Squadron

3rd Rates

  • 74-gun Beldorford

4th Rates

  • 64-gun Exambere
  • 58-gun Bomond
  • 58-gun Saint Vincent

5th Rates

  • 44-gun Leon Marguiles
  • 44-gun Marian
  • 36-gun Abigail
  • 32-gun Rebecque

6th Rates

  • 28-gun County Cellene
  • 24-gun Fontaine
  • 24-gun Catherine
  • 22-gun Dawn
  • 20-gun County Iego
  • 20-gun Blessed
  • 20-gun Rowena Wilde