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The Republic of 511 LaFarge is a huge, economically powerful nation, renowned for its complete absence of social welfare. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 228 million enjoy some of the most opulent lifestyles in the region, unless they are unemployed or working-class, in which case they are variously starving to death or crippled by easily preventable diseases.

There is no government in the normal sense of the word; however, a small group of community-minded, liberal, pro-business individuals is mainly concerned with Commerce (58%), although Education (35%) and Healthcare (6%) are secondary priorities. Income tax is unheard of. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Woodchip Exports, Gambling, and Uranium Mining industries.

Almost half of the child population live rough on the streets, X-Files ratings have hit an all-time low, citizens are permitted to carry concealed handguns, and students are known to arrive at school in their pyjamas. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is crippling, and the police force struggles against a lack of funding and a high mortality rate. 511 LaFarge's national animal is the Yellow Snake, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation, and its currency is the harmonic series.

511 LaFarge has the largest GDP per capita in the region at $32,863.62 and an unemployment rate of 2.57%. The country enjoys a trade surplus of $5,259,896,153.09 and is considered by the UN to be a "Capitalizt". The nation was founded by Commadore LaFarge in the name of liberty and free enterprise. All citizens must abide by the same laws and foreign diplomats are regularly refused immunity from trial. The death penalty has been outlawed as the government is expressly denied the right to take human life.

Note: These figures are circa 1/1/06 and subject to change.