7th North Ahjeezistan General Election

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The seventh general election was held on 18 October 2006. The Prime Minister was Lord McAlpin. Between Election Day and the most previous general election, the Conservatives had lost one seat to the Liberal Democrats. It was the first general election to be called because of a vote of no confidence.


Seventh North Ahjeezistan General Election, 18 October 2006
Party Leader Seats Gains Losses Net Gain/Loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/-
  Social Democratic Lord Morrissey 112 21 0 + 21 51.3% 40% 247,003,602 + 23.07%
  Liberal Lord McAlpin 57 0 22 - 22 26.1% 30% 185,252,701 - 27.84%
  Green Lord Morrissey 28 14 0 + 14 12.8% 16% 98,801,440 + 100%
  Liberal Democratic Lady Halley 11 8 0 + 8 5.0% 6% 37,050,540 + 266.67%
  Conservative Lord McAlpin 10 0 20 - 20 4.6% 8% 49,400,720 - 66.66%

There were a record 617,509,006 valid votes cast.

The Social Democratic-Green alliance won 140 seats; the Liberal-Conservative alliance won 67. The Liberal Democrats won eleven.

While the Social Democrats' and Lord Morrissey's performance did not greatly improve, the government, plagued by scandal and missteps, was thrown out. The Greens and Liberal Democrats faired well, the former joining Lord Morrissey's "Restoration Government." The Liberal Democrats won more seats than the Conservatives for the first time, though receiving a smaller portion of the popular vote. The Greens came close to being North Ahjeezistan's third political party to reach 100 million votes.

This election is generally regarded by North Ahjeezistani political scientists as a realigning election. The electorate had reneged its support for the Liberals but registered only a meek preference for the Social Democrats' normalcy. It left the popular mind open for a new movement, creating a vacuum ready for Lord Terresond's future Liberal Conservatives to fill.

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