88mm Naval Flak Gun

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The 88mm Naval Flak Gun is a weapon used by the United Elite forces, an alliance of the United Continents Of America, the Leninist Dynasty and the Islamic Arab Union, and is employed on the GRAND CANNON Marine and the GRAND CANNON Ultima. It is basically a Flak cannon like any other, yet it is mounted on a special system of wheels to compensate sudden movements of the vehicle it is mounted on, while still allowing the operator to aim correctly. In the case of the G.C. Marine, the weapons are operated manualy and compensate the rocking movement of the ship, while in the case of the Ultima, it is linked to the weapon controls of the central computer and compensates the high mobility of the Mecha unit. Other than the RL 88mm Flak Cannon, however, this weapon shoots oversized bullets, not grenades, and is thus an Autocannon, not a grenade launcher. Though classified as anti-aircraft cannon, the weapon's shots have the potential to take down most armored vehicles as well, though ineffective against newer designs or the (in)famous Neo-T, which is old but fields excessive amounts of armor.