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ADC Systems or Aliquantus Defence Company Systems is a huge defence contractor and the largest in Aliquantus and also a commercial aerospace manufacturer. ADC Systems is a company based in New Essex, which has extensive worldwide interests, particularly in Aliquantus and the allies of Aliquantus. ADC Systems was formed in 1997 when the King privatised it from the Ministry of Defence subsidiary MoD Contracting.

Popular Systems

The list shows systems that have had more interest or sales than others.

Land Vehicles

Infantry Weapons

Land System

  • x4 Rifle Scope, fitted to every infantry weapon.
  • Selected Rifle Camera, optional replacement for the standard x4 scope on every weapon, connects to helmet attached goggles to view around obstacles.
  • LongBowman (Finished Bowman tactical communications system)
  • OWK Satellite (OBI-WAM-KANODYS - Orbiting Battlefield Informant-Wireless Area Mapping-Knowledge Assisting Night Or Day Yern System is a satellite GPS wireless information and communication assisting device - Links with Longbowman)
  • Man-portable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar (MSTAR)
  • COBRA, MAMBA, ASP - the COunter Battery RAdar (Cobra), Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Asset (Mamba) and Advanced Sound ranging Program (ASP) are the main pieces of equipment used in battlefield surveillance.
  • ASIST Combat Uniform System (Including the Sxinx Coagulation Injection)


Major Sea Vessels


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