A Frozen Wasteland

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A Frozen Wasteland
Flag of A Frozen Wasteland
Motto: In solidarity for the cause
Region Anarchy Camp
Capital Frozen Springs
Official Language(s) English
Leader none
Population 807 million
Currency the leaf 
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The Anarchy of A Frozen Wasteland' was founded on December 1st, 2006. Anarchy Camp was created a few days later, and has became a great region full of friendly nations.

A Frozen Wasteland was first discovered by a nomadic tribe of people. The land was quickly settled, but it was soon found to be home to a harsh environment. The winters lasted several months too long, and in the summer, high winds ravaged the country. As the land began to be tamed, windmills were put up to provide a source of energy. The northern tip of the island proved to be the warmest place to live during the winter months, and many would travel here in the winter. Due to its location just off of Antartica, wildlife was sparse, consisting mostly of penguins. Polar bears were introduced as the countries national animal when large chunks of ice floated over with hundreds of Polar bears on them.

location: Latitude 51º and 53ºS and Longitude 57º and 62ºW


Exchange Rate: 1 leaf = $0.49

GDP Per Capita (Estimated): $9,595

Basic Necessities: 3.76% Healthcare: 7.16% Education: 1.36% Transportation: 5.96% Luxuries: 5.56% Recovered Product: $0

Worker Enthusiasm: 85%

Government Efficiency: 98%

Consumer Confidence: 80%

Unemployment: 22.79%

Population Growth Rate: 1.21%

Nation Age: 82 Days Literacy: 100%