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A New Order was founded by a Grand Allianean by the name of Island Union, getting much support from his home region of A New Order Island Union founded A New Order of October 7th 2007

He began recruiting very hard and got the region from 3 Nations to 14 Nations in one day, Along that group came Kevin Hunt a certain nation that had his eye on leadership, later that week he became A New Order's first UNDelegate, within 2 Weeks of Founding A New Order was 20 Nations big and was holding elections.

Their first elections ended slowly but Blackback Forever(Old Grand Allianean) was elected into the Prime Minister, Buun who all so was running came within one vote of Blackback and was awarded the Vice Prime Minister, as for the Senate Tonoy, Noggland, and Island Union were elected. But the public wouldnt be used to this Government System soon.

A couple days after the elections results, Island Union made the Senate, and Prime Minister Branches into one whole Branch known as the Parliament. He did this to prevent a total Government Domiance, he also opened it to everyone in A New Order making this the first "Public Government" in A New Order. Blackback Forever was awarded the Parliament Governor where he could deal out orders and listen to the Parliament debates before his vote was casted.

A New Order's Outside World opened during theese times with many alliances. Their first was with The Grand Alliance, soon after that the Council and the Arctic Pirates. Then Sorvun contacted them and soon after that Underwater Rifts.

A New Order Government

A New Order was first going to be A Prime Minister and Senate Branch Government but to make the Government more public Island Union merged the two groups together to form the Parliament. Anyone in A New Order is welcome to join this Parliament. But the merge couldnt really make no Prime Minister, he formed the Parliament Governor who will watch over the Parliament Actions and cast his vote at the end or in times of Tie-Breaker.

Governor Duties The Governor will watch over the Parliament Dealings he will cast his vote, he will approve of Parliament Only Votes, we will declare War with Parliament Approval, he will make allies, and he will appoint the UNDA Commander with Parliament approvals

Parliament Members After acceptance by the Governor the Parliament Members will meet in the Parliament Chamber, they will vote on Consititution Amendments, War, UNDACommander Appointment, New Laws, any Proposals by other Parliament Members, Policatal Parties, or even Public Proposals.

Become a Parliament Members Send your request to the current Governor, when he accepts you are a Parliament Member, there is no Certain Things you need to have to become a member, if the rare time were the Governor Disapproves of your membership its a time of war or elections but for any other reason you can go the the UNDelegate.

Current Parliament

Governor Blackback Forever

MembersTonoy, Buun, Island Union, and Noggland

A New Order Today

World Factbook Entry: Welcome to A New Order! One of the few UNProtectors! Forums- http://z11.invisionfree.com/A_New_Order/index.php Allies- The Grand Alliance, The Council, Sorvun, Underwater Rifts, The Arctic Pirates UN Nations Please Endores- Kevin Hunt To Join A New Order's Parliament Contact Governor Blackback Forever. Join the United Nations Defence Army! Contact Island Union for the info! Happy Thanksgiving!

UN Delegate: The People's Republic of Kevin Hunt (elected 7 days ago).

Founder: The Orderful Democracy of Island Union

Regional Power: Low

A New Order contains 23 nations.