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Forum: Aberdeen [read only]
Population: 3 nations
Delegate: none
Founder: Dundee East
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

NOTE:Aberdeen is now a defunct region. It has merged with Charis to create Uroca.


Main article(s): History of Aberdeen

Government Structure

See also: Aberdonian Administrations.

UN Delegate/Prime Minister

The office of Prime Minister was an elected position. Along with the responsibilites of PR, the duties of regional UN Delegate were also given to the winner of the election. With the founder relinquishing his duties as Presidentin May of 2006, the presidential powers were integrated into those of the Prime Minister. The last holder of this office was Imperfectia.

Cabinet Members

Cabinet members were appointed by the Prime Minister after he assumed his office. They were expected to lead the 4 core Ministries of Aberdeen. The lasr members and their responsibilities are as follows:

Aioran - Minister of Internal Affairs & the Regional Court

Bentay -Minister of Immigration

Hekloslogravia - Minister of Foreign Relations

Dancing Bananland - Minister of Information & Defense

Pandadice - Minister of Culture

Members of Parliment

A Member of Parliment was an elected position. When such a time arised as more members of Parliment were needed, nations were able to submit themselves to join in the running for the office. Members of Parliment were occasionally asked to lead a Ministry by the Prime Minister. At the time of the merger, there was only one Member of Parliment.

Mittsville - Minister of Cartography


Ministerial Deputies assisted the Cabinet Members of their particular Ministry. Deputies were either be appointed by the individual Ministers or chosen from a pool of volunteers. The last Deputies were:

Khaoz - Senior Associate Judge of the Regional Court

Dancing Bananland - Associate Judge of the Regional Court

Imperfectia - Associate Judge of the Regional Court

Mittsville - Deputy of Information and Defence


United Nations of Aberdeen Dollar was the region sponsored currency.

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