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Key Figures

Monarchy - in order of superiority

  • His Majesty King Ben II of Abitoria and his wife HRH Queen Victoria III
  • HRH Princess Abigail
  • HRH Prince Terry and his wife HRH Princess Nichola
  • HRH Princess Lucy


  • Prime Minister - Cale Matthias
  • Deputy Leader - Trenton Will
  • Treasurer - Jessika Deana


  • Ministry of Defence - Darden Stan
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Conor Heather
  • Ministry of Agriculture - Carlie Fern
  • Department for Culture Media and Sport - Syd Brad
  • Department of Trade and Industry - Quentin Amity
  • Home Office - Darius Becca

Abitoria Geographical Description


Abitoria is a nation that is situated to the north of Babileah, coursing through it is the River Dunai that has it's source in the mountains in the north of Abitoria.

The River Dunai is a fast flowing river that is the migration run for the trout. These trout are so pure and tasty they have become the mainstay for Abitoria's dominating Trout Farming Industry.

To the east is a large forest of broad leaf trees, thick with brambles and ferns. These forest are renowned for their unspoilt beauty and diverse plant life.

To the west and the south are the plains of Abitoria, watered by the River Dunai that ensures that the land is fertile and luscious.

Due to the constant supply of mountain fresh water, the plains of Abitoria support a wide range of plant and animal life. And it is this that supports the agricultural industries of Abitoria.

To the north of Abitoria are the foothills of the northern most mountain range in Babileah.

Home to some of the rarest birds in Abitoria and possibly Babileah, the foothills attract visitors from as far as Ladleland to the east and BigTez to the south.

Abitoria's Defence Ministry

Current Security Level - MODERATE

As of 08/02/2007 - based on a population of 159,000,000 and Law and Order as my main priority and Education as my second priority.

2,973,300 - Available troops 594,660 - Serving Members 2,378,640 - Reservists

Military Breakdown:

352,369 - Land Forces 147,631 - Air Force 94,660 - Naval Forces

(Figures inclusive of support and HQ staff)




Abitoria's Ministry of Trade and Industry

Joint Aerospace Venture Al-Arish AngelArena Laldleland Znum

Unified Space Program Al-Arish AngelArena BigTez

Regional Business Initiative Al-Arish

Abitoria's Home Office

Map of Abitoria


Abitoria - Capital City Home of Babileah Castle Home of the Babileah Government Home of the Abitoria Government

Drummond Abitoria Military Training School

Other Towns of Note Precival Gateway Cromelia