Aboriginal Pantocratorians

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Aboriginal Pantocratorians, or Pantocratorian Indians, are an Amerindian people, native to the north west island of the Pantocratorian Archipelago, the modern Exarchate of New Jerusalem. Archeologists estimate that Aboriginal Pantocratorians have inhabited the Exarchate of New Jerusalem for thousands of years, their civilisation reaching its zenith in the Sixth Century AD, around which time they built the original spectacular stone city of Majohitep, now called New Jerusalem.

Many modern inhabitants of the Exarchate of New Jerusalem are Aboriginal Pantocratorians or descendents of interbreeding between Aboriginal Pantocratorians and European Pantocratorians. Although the vast majority of Aboriginal Pantocratorians tend to speak Greek as their primary language, some isolated communities in the Exarchate still speak the so-called Majohitepi Dialect.

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