Abortion Legality Convention

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This was probably one of the more controversial proposals to grace the UN's floors, and pitted Federalists, Sovereigntists, pro-lifers, pro-choices, Mods, Members, Lockians, Rousseuvians and the plain confused against one another.

TG Campaign

Resolution Text

#147: Abortion Legality Convention

Category: Moral Decency
Proposed By: Omigodtheykilledkenny2
Strength: Mild
Status: Passed
Adopted: Tue Mar 7 2006
Votes For: 8,993
Votes Against: 3,673


The United Nations,

REAFFIRMING Article 5 of The Universal Bill of Rights, that no one may be subjected to cruel or inhuman treatment,

RECOGNISING that both scientific and moral opinion remains, and is likely to remain, irreparably divided over the issue of at what stage human life begins,

ACKNOWLEDGING that there are many societies within the NSUN that would consider a fetus, and especially a developed fetus in the third trimester, to possess human characteristics and be deserving of special protection, whilst others would not,

REGRETTING that such divisions render global resolution over abortion unlikely,

SEEKING to establish a fair compromise:

1. DECLARES that states have the right to declare abortion legal or illegal, and to pass legislation extending or restricting the right to an abortion;

2. RECOMMENDS that in cases of rape, incest, severe fetal abnormality or where the continuation of the pregnancy poses severe medical risk to the mother, states permit abortion procedures;

3. URGES states to prevent the Intact Dilation and Extraction (IDX or 'partial birth') procedure;

4. CALLS FOR increased international research in fetal development, so as to develop greater understanding of the ramifications of abortion;

5. REMINDS states that in the absence of completely reliable contraception, there may always remain a demand for abortion, and that legalisation and regulation is more likely to provide sanitary abortion possibilities.

Authored by Gruenberg

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Voting Analysis

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Poll Analysis

According to the poll, 55 representatives were against the resolution, as opposed to 40 being for it, with 11 abstaining/selling out. The most popular result in the poll reflected the well being of the representatives, with 59 claiming they were 'super', and thanking the poll maker. 23 wished to see those who were against abortion allowed to have their way, and get a free lapel badge. An outstanding 32 representatives thought they were Marvin the Martian, and 16 had a cute hat.

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