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This article deals with Absolutism as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

General Description

Absolutism is form of government controled by a ruling power (one person, or even a small group of individuals) which possesses absolute authority. Such ruling powers can range from despots who pay no heed to constitutional requirements, laws, or liberties, to those who respect and protect the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens even while maintaining a position of unchallenged rule. An absolutist government may, but does not necessarily, take the general form of theocracy.

Absolutism in NationStates

Within the context of NationStates, freedoms are presented along three axes: personal freedoms, economic freedoms, and political freedoms (see also: UN Categories). The level of freedoms presented along each axis can be "authoritarian," "centrist," or "libertarian" in nature. As described above, an absolutist government will normally allow very little, if any, freedom to exist along the political freedoms axis; even so, freedoms along the personal and economic axes can vary in nature from "authoritarian" to "libertarian" (for instance, compare Benevolent Dictatorship and Psychotic Dictatorship below).

NationStates UN Category Classifications

The following UN Category classifications can be used to describe absolutist governments within NationStates (Entries listed from most libertarian to most authoritarian, or alphabetically where overall freedoms are similar):

UN Category: Personal Freedom: Economic Freedom: Political Freedom:
Benevolent Dictatorship Libertarian Libertarian Authoritarian
Compulsory Consumerist State Centrist Libertarian Authoritarian
Libertarian Police State Libertarian Centrist Authoritarian
Corporate Police State Authoritarian Libertarian Authoritarian
Father Knows Best State Centrist Centrist Authoritarian
Iron Fist Socialists Libertarian Authoritarian Authoritarian
Corrupt Dictatorship Centrist Authoritarian Authoritarian
Iron Fist Consumerists Authoritarian Centrist Authoritarian
Psychotic Dictatorship Authoritarian Authoritarian Authoritarian

See also the article on UN Categories for an image of each category placed within a 3D map.


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