Abtian Symbols

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National Flag

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National Flag of Abt.

The flag of the Abt Republic features a double silver and sky blue saltire, a crux decussate (X-shaped cross) representing the cross of the Christian martyr Saint Andrew on a green background.

The green field symbolizes the Republic’s vast forests and plains. The sky blue colour represents the Abtian quest for freedom to live in a land of their own. The silver colour represents the nobility of ideals and purity of mind. The Saltire itself represents the Republic’s devotion to Christian values.

In everyday life, this flag is mostly used by the official government, most Abtian citizens preferring the older version of the flag. However, the trend is slowly reversing as the Saltire Flag is gaining popularity.

Former Flag

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Banner of the Free Axemen.

The first flag flown by the settlers on the coast of Ambara was the banner of the Free Axemen Free Mercenary Corps, a blood red field with two crossed axes, with a gold boundary along the edges of the flag. The red field symbolised readiness to shed blood, while the golden edge stated either that the services had to be rewarded with gold, either that the unit's services were of outmost quality.

This flag, however, was deemed too complicated to be a national flag, as it had too many colours and a complicated axe-design. The symbolism connected to the banner was also suitable of a mercenary unit, but not that of a sovereign state. The Republic needed a simpler, yet symbolic and recognizable design.

The blood-red flag, however, is still widely popular with Abtian citizens and is flown regularly on private and public occasions.

Coat of Arms

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Coat of Arms of the Republic.

The Abtian coat of arms is a blood red Ros shield, with a stylized silver Golgothian Cross upon it. The version of the cross used on the Abtian coat of arms was widely used by Taraskovyan Ros warriors during the old times. The symbol was painted on the shields, carved on swords, and was meant not only as a sign of faith, but also as a protective charm.

The Abtian coat of arms, thus, is not only a symbol of devotion to Orthodox Christianity, but also a ward to protect the Republic and her people from ill fate.