Accessible Family Planning

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#219: Accessible Family Planning

Category: Social Justice
Proposed By: Lady Deathstrike
Strength: Mild
Status: Passed
Adopted: Wed Aug 15 2007
Votes For: 6,052
Votes Against: 3,058

Accessible Family Planning was a proposal considered by the UN well over a year after the passage of Abortion Legality Convention, the resolution AFP's provisions were intended to complement. A joint venture between the Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny and the Spankingly Delicious Harem of Karmicaria, it was the eighth proposal either written or sponsored by Karmicaria, and the eighth proposal either written or sponsored by Omigodtheykilledkenny, but only the second proposal actually written by Kennyites to pass the General Assembly. AFP was originally proposed by the Federal Republic as a measure to allow women to travel abroad to attain abortions they could not legally acquire at home, as sort of a compromise to prevent a repeal of ALC, but the language was later softened to allow freedom of movement to attain "family-planning services," which as defined under the proposal do not necessarily include abortion.

Resolution Text

Description: Concerned that staggering population growth could pose serious economic problems, especially in developing nations;

Convinced that sensible family-planning policies are essential for controlling national birthrates, preventing unmanageable population increases, and ensuring the health and well-being of young families;

Acknowledging that low-income families may lack access to effective birth-control products or information on family planning services, and that lack of such products, information or services may result in greater poverty levels as low-income families continue to produce children they cannot afford;

Observing that member nations may restrict or outlaw access to certain birth-control methods that may help families prevent unwanted pregnancies;

Defining, for the purpose of this resolution, "family planning" as pertaining to a product or service for regulating the number and spacing of children in a family.

This Assembly hereby declares its commitment to supporting family-planning programs in member nations by enacting the following:

The United Nations;

1. Affirms the right of individuals to access information regarding family-planning services and birth-control methods, and to leave their home nations freely without unreasonable hindrance to obtain family-planning services that are outlawed domestically;

2. Strongly urges member states to lend support to domestic agencies and programs providing information and services for family planning;

3. Encourages nations to permit aid disbursements to be used for the development of such services;

4. Strongly encourages member states to establish programs helping low-income families obtain legal family-planning services that are beyond their financial means;

5. Requests that nations provide incentives to domestic companies, agencies and programs to supply discounts and financial assistance for low-income families seeking family-planning services.

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