Accord of Leiden

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The Accord of Leiden was a treaty signed between the Star Empire of Thelas and the Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss. It was a defensive agreement which named several alliances which they considered to be potential aggressors. The mutual defence clauses of the treary were limited to these specifically mentioned alliances. (Namely the Reich, the CACE, Arda and the inactive GDODAD)

The treaty has been a Thelasi initiative, as they wanted to mend the wounds caused by the Shadow War and be accepted into the international community. Only after long negotiations did they manage to convince the wary Knootians. When Thelas became a province of Menelmacar the Knootians considered the treaty to be null and void. When Thelas regained independence, the Knootians adopted a policy of strategic vagueness as to whether they regard the treaty as still being in effect, as many still see Thelasi friendship as a liability rather than an asset. Trade between the nations, however, has been increasing over time.