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Nation: Ecopoeia
Function: none
Population: ~70,000
Leader: none

Acheron has become something of a Mecca for Alçaera’s thrillseekers in recent years thanks to its proximity to the enormous cliff that shares its name. Abseilers, hang gliders, freefallers, climbers and other willing self-endangerers bring vital attention and income to a university city that is otherwise rather sleepy. Approximately one hundred thousand dwell here, a substantial fraction involved with the town’s numerous scientific research cooperatives. Acheron is home to the nation’s largest functioning gift economy, some fine breweries and an excellent fish market; on the downside, the city is something of an aesthetic black hole, having suffered from Untan functionalism and neglect.

Facilities and transport are basic: not Ecopoeia’s best but very far from being the worst. Visitors are advised to avoid combining alcohol consumption with late night visits to the clifftop.