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Acrian is a sosi on the northern point of Borrados. It sits across a narrow strait from Sicinia Salis. The history of Acrian started around the 100's C.E. with the start of the Kingdom of Ac'ran under the ambitious King Zhalot Litzohtah (Zhalot the holy), who united the entire T'Lazh region in holy war against parts of present day Borrados, Avalya, and Sicinia. Over the next several hundred years, Acrian became a wealthy center of trade. During the 600's C.E., Acrian began it's decline whe the Akaeians began fighting the Borriad forces in Chanaud. Shortly after, the migrating Sicinii posed a threat to the kingdom while they tried to find a new home. The king, in order to save his armies and his kingdom, let them pass through to Chanaud to fight the Akaeians, thus handing over that land. The next blow came when Avalya, under the newly founded Avus dynasty took back much of the western realm of the kingdom. Because of this, Semandod declared independance from the kingdom. Tokpreet later left the kingdom, in order to gain better trade benefits with Briansvee, a growing empire. In 1217, faced with the growing threats of Avalya, the newly founded Confederation of Borrados, and Sicinia Salis, civil war broke out in the failing, but still wealthy naiton. The western territories, collectively called Rifia broke off to asscend to membership of the new nation of Borrados, while Acrian held on for 147 years of further independance, eventually becoming a sosi of Borrados in exchange for additional protection of the strait with Sicinia.

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