Adair Scott

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Adair Scott
2 January 1953
Prime Minister of the Resurgent Dream
Marital Status

The Right Honourable Adair Crisdean Scott is a former Prime Minister of the Danaan High Kingdom. He led the Labor Party from Abraham Goldfarb's resignation of the leadership in December of 2005 until the formation of the Progressive Democratic Party. He became Prime Minister in the same month, when the Labor Party became the head of the Progressive Coalition, doing slightly better in the elections than the previously dominant Liberal Party.

Under Scott, the Progressives had the narrowest of majorities in Parliament. Combined with the many conflicts between the parties which made up his coalition, this forced Scott to pursue a much more centrist agenda than he might have otherwise desired. Scott largely continued the foreign policy of his predecessor, Minerva Karamanlis. This included the maintenance of strong alliances with Pantocratoria and Excalbia on the one hand and Knootoss on the other, despite the frequent tensions between them.

The Resurgent Dream's continued military presence in Marlund was more controversial. While the Second Ambaran War began with enormous Danaan public support, the continued military presence in Marlund after the war's end became more and more controversial as time elapsed. Criticism of the war effort reached the level of outright opposition from the left wing of the Progressives when a Pantocratorian action under the command of Duke Henri de Montmanuel in the city of Beyke, an action against Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries rather than remnants of the former government of Marlund, led to massive civilian casualties.

In an effort to stabilize the Progressive Coalition, the various progressive parties formed the Danaan Progressive Democratic Party in 2006. Scott resigned as Prime Minister and allowed the collective party room of the new party to elect a new leader, which it did in the form of Sarah Sacker, the candidate endorsed both by Scott and Karamanlis. He ran for re-election as a Member of Parliament at the subsequent election, although he has chosen to remain on the backbench.