Adam Island

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Adam Island
Flag of Adam Island
Motto: "Life. Liberty. Logic."
basic map
Region International Democratic Union
Capital Adam City
Official Language(s) English
Leader Whirlow Pierce
Population 2-3 billion
Currency Jay 
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Adam Island is a large island nation in the International Democratic Union. They have had a long history of bloody warfare. After millenia of royal rule, they held their first democratic elections in October, 2000, but the country was torn apart by a brutal epidemic of the "Rat Flu" and nuclear civil war.

The political situation has since stabilized, and general elections were held, with National Republicans taking most of the seats as well as the Presidency.

Adam Island (AI) formerly served as a delegate of the International Democratic Union.


Adam Islanders follow various forms of Island Buddhism, and there are 11 'holy cities' scattered across the main island. They are independently goverened by local authorities. The symbol of the trisected pyramid on the flag is a traditional religious symbol.


Adam Island is governed by officials in Adam City, with three separate branches of government. The Adamstag serves as the 100-member parliament; Whirlow Pierce is the current President; and the Ultimate Court is the final court of appeals over constitutional issues.


There are three branches of Adam Island's military, known as the Adamswehr. Individual arms of service as the Adamsheer (Army), Adamsmarine (Navy) and Adamsluftwaffe (Air Force).

The armed forces owe their allegiance to the National Republic forged after years of religious-caused civil war (starting in August 2004) and the Rat Flu epidemic-caused civil war (starting in January 2005). The National Republic was acknowledged by the Treaty of Adamsburgh as the sole legitimate government on May 3, 2006. The three signatories were the loyalist National Republic, Neo-Royalist and Holy Reformer representatives, who jointly agreed to eliminate the remaining Iconic groups on the northern mainland.

Officially, the Adamswehr is a department of the executive branch, headed by the President.


Adam Island's laissez-faire business policies have attracted numerous corporations, with few able to build up a semi-consistant monopoly. Labor unions are strong and yield great influence. Adam Islanders express rabid brand loyalty. Adam-Cola once ran an ad featuring a man wandering in the desert, dying of thirst. He came across another traveler, who offered him a drink from one of Adam-Cola's rivals, Dr. Adam. The man refused because he would never drink a beverage like that. The ad was pulled after several stories came up of this actually happening to Adam Islanders.

The Rat Flu war took a major toll on the economy of Adam Island. Still, most companies managed to survive in one for or another.


The Rat Flu war interrupted what was a booming sports economy in Adam Island. Since then, the Adam Island Baseball League has reformed and began play again. AI joined the International Democratic Union's Olympic bid, and Adam Island's national soccer team is scheduled to play in World Cup qualifiers for WC 29.


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