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== The Peoples Federation of Adaptus== Adaptus flag.jpg

The People's Federation of Adaptus is a huge, safe nation, remarkable for its punitive income tax rates. Its hard-nosed, hard-working population of 649 million have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often.


the government of Adaptus is much like the government system of the UK. the it is ran by a Prime Minister, and his cabnit ministers, and also have other rival political parties batteling for power. currently the government is ran by the Peoples Party of Adaptus, which is a leaning left centralist party, which uses popular oppinion in it's governing.

The Prime Ministers is currently a man named, Andrew Ramsey. he has saved the nation from a harsh ragime and restored political parties to the nations. he and his party engojoy complete supremasy over the political scene, and have large support.


The military in Adaptus is also based on the British Military, with ellements from Russian, U.S militaries. the Adapton Military is usualy split into 3 sections. the military used moslty home grown equiptment, but does in some cases use forine equiptment.

Here is a list of the Federation Defence Forces(FDF):-

Federation Royal Army (FA)

consitsts of many regiments, and is then split into Battalons in some cases.

Regiment lists:-

Federation Royal Light Infanty:-

                          Split into many local Battalions.

Federation Royal Fusliers

Federation Royal Parachute Regiment:-

                                1 Para
                                2 Para
                                3 Para
                                4 para (volunteer)
                                Para HQ

Federation Royal Blue Jakets

Federation Royal Border Guards:-

                          Western Border Guards
                          Northern Border Guards
                          Eastern Border Guards

Federation Royal Grenidier Guards

Federation Royal Black Tans

Federation Royal Transport Regiment:-

                               Split into Local area Battalions

Federation Royal Household Cavalry

Federation 1st Royal Tank Regiment

Federation 2nd Royal Tank Regiment

Federation Royal Hussars

Federation Royal Dragoon Guards

Federation Royal Adaptorium Guardsmen

Federation Royal Signals Regiment

Federation Royal Artillery Regiment:-

                               Split into local area Battalions

Federation Royal Engineers Regiment:-

                               1st FE 
                               2nd FE
                               3rd FE
                               4th FE
                               5th para FE
                               9th FE (volunteer)
                               FE HQ

Federation Royal Logistics Regiment:-

                               1st FL 
                               2nd FL
                               3rd FL
                               4th FL
                               5th Para FL
                               9th FL (volunteer)

Federation Royal Kahn Regmiment

Federation Royal Kahn Rifles Regiment

Federation Royal Khan Signals Regiment

Federation Royla Ashton Rifles Regiment

Federation Royal Miliatry Police Regiment

Federation Air Force (FAF)

the FAF is split up into many Sqrns.

Squadrens in the catagory 100-199 are main air force Sqrns.

                              these are the main Federation Air Force sqrns. this is the main bulk, and where most aircraft spending goes. using mainly Europa Fighter Typhoons, and Commanche helicopters.

Squadrens in the catagory 200-299 are part of the Fleet Air Arm.

                               mainly carrier based aircraft like the F-35, and F/A-18 hornets, also these use Super Lynx Helicopters, for both land assault and anti-mine and sub warfare, also Merlins are used.

Squadrens in the catagory 300-399 are Army Air Corps.

                              these are mainly assault helicopters, just a few Comnche sqrns and a few transport sqrns. all helicopters.

Squadrens in the catagory 400-499 are Detachments from the FAF for the League of the Treaty FAF.

                               mainly Sqrns from the FAF moved to support LT oporations.

Federation Royal Navy (FRN)

these are currently split into 5 fleets, 3 main fully oporational fleets, 1 in the prosess of being formed to help protect resent expantioned territory, and another named the Home Fleet, this is mainly the naval vessels for home protection.

Swan Fleet:-

         main fleet of the FRN, based at FRN Swanhunters, and contins.
         4 Maximus Class Aircraft Carriers
         2 Maximus II Class Aircraft Carriers
         12 Vestian Class Fast Destryoers
         8 Sanctum II Class Fast Destroyers
         8 Desimus Class AA Frigates
         6 Ekranoplan Heavy/Fast Assault Craft
         9 Vanguard Class Balistic Submarines