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This article deals with Aden as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Nation: Aerigia
Function: Capital
Population: Greater Aden Area: 32,000,000
Leader: Mayor of Metropolitan Aden: Henry McCowan

Aden is the capital city of Aerigia and is also the largest metropolitan area of Aerigia, with close to 32,000,000 residents living in the Greater Aden Area, which consists of Metropolitan Aden as well as surrounding cities, suburbs and sateillite cities.

Located on the northwestern coast. Aden is one of the major port cities of The Heartland and the world, and is also noted for its large commercial presence. The WBO's Heartland headquarters, multinational firms, both Aerigian and international have a presense in Aden. The city is also the cultural, economic and academic center of Aerigia and Central Prudentia.

Although sharing the same spelling as the Yemeni port city, the Aerigian city of Aden is pronounced differently (A'DAAN), with a different origin which spurs back to the natives that have lived in Northeastern Prudentia some 3000 years ago.Aden used to be named Addadshashanammu, or "The Hills by the coast". Aden Hills is the site of the Grand Duchal Palace built in the Imperial Age, as the Empire expanded eastwards, and nowadays serves as the Presidential Palace. While the surrounding areas is the prominent state capital of The Duchual, Imperial, Empire, West Aerigia, and now, Federal states. It is located in the Capital District, which is a special administrative zone located in a section of Hyacinthe Province.

Located on the Ashley River delta on the North Vegan Sea and Vegan Straits, Aden has been an important port city ever since the Imperial era. The Aden Union Shipping Company has brought Prudentian goods to southern areas of the Heartland and vice versa, establishing one of the first sea trading routes of the Heartland.

Miserania (Native name: Missamsi) is the plains that lie to the east of the Aden area and has been an important manufacturing centre for the past few decades. It also has a rapidly growing suburban residential area, lined with green parks and updated community facilities.

Other residential and suburban communities that make up the new GAA (Greater Aden Area) includes the cities and towns of Firewood Bay, Atwood, Akina, Chere Valley, Schwinton, Little Rouge, Braxton and Westminister.

Areas and Points of Interests:


Financial District/Shoppers District:

As the premier financial and commercial centre in the Heartland, Aden is filled with skyscrapers, much like Tokyo or Hong Kong. While most of the government buildings maintain their duchal classic architectures, most of the city now looks towards the future, including a new City Hall. Home to many Heartland, Aerigian and International companies, Aden is not only a corporate city, but also a heaven for shoppers and tourists. The infamous Aden tower, the largest steel constructed structure, serves as a TV tower as well as observation tower. The Aden One tower, a newer, much taller concrete struture similar to the CN Tower, is a tourist attraction with glass floor rooms and other attractions built at the base.