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Moderator Deleted Ex-Nation
Offenses: Illegal Scripting
Other Incarnations: Unknown
Former NS Involvement: Unknown
IP-Ban Status: Banned

Aeazer is one of NationStates' most famous, reknowned, and controversial figures. Leader of the powerful, equally controversial, quasi-religious and rabidly isolationist invader cult, the Aeazen Combine, Aeazer has been deleted and IP banned by the mods twice in NS history, the first time in the fall of 2006, the second time on Friday, March 9, 2007. Both deletions have had little negative effect on either Aeazer's continued efforts to take over vast swaths of NS, and the unimaginably strong cult of personality that revolves around "The Mad Major". In fact, moderator purges of Aeazer's strongholds like Red Mountain and Aeazer only seem to strengthen the resolves of his people and drive them to work harder, thus ultimately increasing the strength of the AC. How Aeazer commands such loyalty that his "comrades" would call the mods "unprofessional idiots" straight to their faces immidiately after they just killed their leader is a mystery. It may be through the semi-religious philosophy he founded, Tsaiism.


Aeazer was created in early summer, 2005, when he noticed a peron using the site at school. His first nation, Aeazer, was created in the South Pacific with the national animal "Tuskopusk", currency "Tocul" the motto "Hassa San". Hassa San, meaning "To Serve God" has become the de facto motto, greeting, and good-bye of the Aeazen Combine, equivalent to "Sieg Heil", or "Hail Caesar".

The first region he was a part of was the YoungWorld, but he rarely participated in it's activities. He learned a bit about forum use and NS politics from there, then moved on to it's sister region, Gothic Underground, to raid with the now-defunct Gothic Army, commanded by Eccentric Dr Folkers(now a general in Aeazer's army, the Aeazen Combine Imperial Legion). This is where Aeazer learned everything he knew about raiding, and where he picked up a taste for it. (also, this is where he picked a fight with the Lord of the Rings-themed regions, inciting a feud with them, that lasts even to this day, though is now far less intense. At it's heyday, a LotR spy actually infiltrated the AC govrnment and ran it's intelligence network for a time until Aeazer found him out)

Realizing the power that raiding could bring, Aeazer founded his own organization, the Aeazen Combine. Originally it had no headquarters as it was supposed to be a secret society that used the armies of puppet and proxy regions to secure control. One such region was Solsthiem. Through Solsthiem, the AC would be exposed. Two enemy agents entered Solsthiem, and, after gaining the trust of Solsthiem's apparent leader, Lady Fenris, were introduced to Aeazer and thus learned the truth - that the AC was a malicious invader organization that manipulated and exploited unwitting regions to do it's dirty work because they didn't want to take the blame themselves. These agents were The Riotious, of the region Communist Beach, and RAIII, of parts unknown, probably independant. Upon learning what the AC was, they exposed it to the world, ushering in an overwhelming outcry against the AC and prompting the creation of countless anti-AC regions. This created the era when the AC would have to fight tooth and nail for recognition, and start the AC down a path of destruction that it only recently left.

First Deletion

At a point that has been lost to history - historians place it around the fall of 2006 - Aeazer's first nation(Aeazer) was deleted. He was not IP banned, but this caused the heart of the AC, Red Mountain, to be founderless. The reason for this deletion has never been ascertained. However, what is certain is that the battle for Red Mountain between Aeazer and a rival invader group, Krackin, would be like a soap opera. Krackin desperately wanted to find some way to harm the AC, though all 150 AC members had evacuated from Red Mountain to their temporary home, The Shamaaradan, shortly after Aeazer's deletion. Aeazer, sensing that he could use the Red Mountain conflict to his advantage, repeatedly had a small vanguard of AC troops attempt to take back Red Mountain from the Krackin army. Each time they failed, but Aeazer's plan was to use this to distract not only Krackin, but the entire world, as they were all watching. It is estimated that the Aeazen Combine took 23 to 25 regions with the rest of it's army while everyone else thought they were desperately trying to win back their home.

The First Great Purge

In what Aeazer would come to call "The Great Purge", Aeazer was first IP banned for a crime that no longer exists. While the AC generals were laughing their heads off as they took in secret victory after secret victory while the Krackin "infidels" as they were referred to proudly boasted that the AC would never retake Red Mountain, Aeazer eventually realized that they had to show the world they could actually take the place back at any time. Aeazer ordered his finest lieutenant, Lord Xion Takaro, to actually take back Red Mountain.

The following update, the region was in AC hands. However, this is where Aeazer made a misstep: he ordered Xion to sacrifice his nation to the mods by ejecting everyone - natives and Krackin alike - from the region, so that it could be refounded. This was back before influence, when you could eject as many people as you wanted, whenever you wanted, but if you ejected more than 10% of the natives, you would have "griefed the region", and the mods would kill you. Aeazer and Xion knew this all too well, but in order to reclaim their "holy land", Xion did it.

The mods swept down on the AC and deleted dozens of AC leaders, many of which had nothing to do with the plot at all, and were thus revived later. Xion was given back permission to play on the grounds that he was "just following orders". However, AC leaders like General Squintus, Lady Fenris, and Aeazer himself were gone completely.

The Time in Between

At that time, a young general in the ACIL, Lord Nihilus, had been away. When he returned he found his home and leaders gone. Aeazer placed Nihilus in temporary command of the entire AC(and Xion in command of the army) while Aeazer attempted to find another route back onto NS. In this time, Nihilus rebuild the broken AC, laid the groundwork for future military doctrine, and generally kept the AC alive until Aeazer returned in late 2006 with a new computer in a new home. Nihilus retired quitely, and currently attends the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Upon Aeazer's return, he embarked on various campaigns of recruitment and military expansion. He had his men find new allies, and he founded the short-lived Pactum Imperium alliance with several other imperial graider groups, in an attempt to wage combined war on defenders like ADN. Slowly but surely, the AC rebuilt itself as having one of the largest functioning armies on the planet - 30 active troops at highest count - as well as the most military leaders - 11 at last count. Aeazer was responsibile for organizing the flawless 2007 raid on Strongbadia, with DEN, in which AC and DEN troop moved in exactly 3 seconds before the update.

The Second Great Purge

Aeazer, now being well-connected politically with leaders of DEN and Blades of Conquest, decided to go fo the biggest prize he could reasonably consider: Lazarus. He knew, however, that there would be no way he or anyone else could keep all the defenders out once they actually took it. So he and his expansive "Special Executive" - basically a programming Division with over 25 active staff - concocted the AutoBan Script. This script was simple: it would automatically ban people from Lazarus as they came in. However, by some twist of fate, the mods found out, and Aeazer was deleted again. Aeazer had been sharing nations with some members of the region Aeazer, so it's population was greatly reduced. While this was a dramatic psychological blow to the AC, which had been doing better than it ever had before, Aeazer was quoted as saying "I really wasn't doing anything on NS I couldn't do from our forum or from MSN anyway, so it's no big deal. I just hope my people agree." The AC is presently working to restore it's power and embark on a new era of political and military expansion.

How the plans for the AutoBan Script were leaked has not yet been found out. One running jokes among members of the AC who know Aeazer personally is that his biology teacher had given them away, as Aeazer had recently downloaded PowerPoint before the event, to do a biology report on. As Aeazer had never used it before, he did a "practice" project to familiarize himself with it. This project was an outline of the plan for Lazarus, detailing the AutoBan Script... the following morning, Aeazer tried to send his teacher the biology Poweroint Presentation, but was so tired he accidentally sent the one on Lazarus. It is joked that his teacher was actually a defender spy, though this is obviously just a joke.

Aeazer and the Aeazen Combine Today

The AC may have suffered a psychological loss during the Second Great Purge, but Aeazer and his advisors had planned ahead for such an event, and the AC's headquarters region had been actually founded by another nation. Aeazer had recently struck a deal with the person who had refounded Red Mountain so the AC could not, and got their nation days before the Second Purge. To keep it from being open to more warfare if he was ever killed, the region was passworded. In addition, Aeazer never logged on at school, as his school had been IP banned during the First Great Purge. So all and all, the Second Purge was far less damaging than the first. Aeazer still maintains a roughly 20-man army, commanded by an amazing 11 skilled generals.

The AC is currently pursing a path of reconstruction and reform. A new forum is being made, and the capital is being considered for relocation to Red Mountain. At such time the AC will become an organization run totally by the military, so they may raid with more efficiency, as well as allow the "Eleven Madmen of the Combine", as they are called, to lend their skills towards government administration, easing everyone's workload. Aeazer also wishes to find more allies for the AC and increase recruitment.

All told, Aeazer's ultimate goal has never been clear. He has stated time and time again that he wants to "Form a single world government comprised of nations and regions who have banded together of their own free will, to abolish the old, tired, petty defender/invader politics and create a new, more enlightened world, and forge a society where the common nation may rise on their own merits and not by chance." This is a threatening idea to the powers that be, Pacifics and mods alike. In fact, it is so threatening to the mods, that many of them carry a personal hatred for him, as evidenced by their posts on the RMB of the region Aeazer immidiately after the Second Purge, as well as their statements on the AC forum.

Whether Aeazer can accomplish any of this, if he is more than just another ridiculous tinpot dictator with a crazy dream, remains to be seen.