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Flag of Aerigia
Motto: For Peace and Prosperity
Region The Heartland
Capital Aden, Hyacinthe Province
Official Language(s) English, Aerigian high school graduates must be fluent in one of 3 other languages: Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Polish, German
Leader His Excellency, President Andrew H. Yang
Population 2.2 billion
Currency Aerigian Mon, Cin 
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The Federal Republic of Aerigia and Federal Regions of Joaoia, Sachsen-Dresden and Federal Protectorate of Gabbiani Islands is one of the larger countries of The Heartland. Located on the continent of Prudentia, it is a modern, developed, parliamentary democracy. As a multicultural and multi-ethnic nation, Aerigia sees itself as part of the Western world, embracing the values of free market and democracy. The current party in power in The Federal Republic is the Democratic Harmony Party (DHP), headed by President Andrew H. Yang.

The Federal Republic is considered one of the most economically prosperous nations in both the Heartland and the NS World. Its growth in the mid 1990s has been a key study area for many economists, political scientists and scholars. A reason being the country's ability to simutaneously allow different ethnicities to co-exist peacefully, dealing with a rapid change in ideology, and also to develop a vibrant export-led economy. Formed in December 2002, Aerigia, alongside Ineptia and Grays Harbor are the three permenent members of the Heartland High Council, a legislative organ that governs Heartland-wide economic, security and judical matters.

On the international scene, The Federal Republic is also well-known as the re-organizer of the WBO, as well as a former member of SATO. Currently, The Federal Republic is also a signatory of the KIST treaty.

Currently isolationist outside The Heartland, there has been small movements to move Aerigia back onto the world stage.

Geographical and Climatical Description

Overview and Topography

A large country sculpted by the majority parts of the Prudentian Empire, Aerigia, including Joaoia and Sachsen-Dresden Federal Regions, is the largest nation on the Prudentian continent, blessed with an abdundance of natural resources. The central regions of the country is dominated by tall, snowy mountain range systems, hot springs and evergreen trees. These mountain ranges, including the most prominent Mount Parker, Mount Snowview and Mount Tamaranch, stretch from the north of the nation to the south, and are noted as the "spine" of the nation. Popular ski and hot springs resorts are located in this region, mainly in the province of Silverado.

The northeastern regions bordering St. Ryanesia are dry, rolling desert plains. The region is known for its abdundance in uranium, nickel and phosphate. As a result, mining is a predominant industry in the northeast. Meanwhile, the northwest coast is a line of propsering urban areas and is the commercial heartland of Aerigia, with tall skyscrapers, towers and bridges overlooking the clear waters of the Lost Vegas Ocean. The fisheries industry is dominant in the north end of this region, especially in the Yin Sound near the border with Nastic.

The southeast is dominated by "The Veldt", a system of jungle, marshes and swamps. The area is also rich in natural gas and crude oil. The inland areas are agricultural heartland (in Joaoia), growing a variety of crops such corn, strawberries, wheat as well as for raising cattle. The industrial heartland (in Sachsen) is also located inland, supplemented by the steel industry, which in turn, is supported by the local nickel, copper and iron deposits.

Five major river systems flow through Aerigia, the largest of which, the Ashley and the Huang, flow west from the mountains to the Lost Vegas Sea in the West. The southwest coast, the Pleasant Coast province, is lined with pristine beaches and palm trees; while the northwest coast, including the capital city of Aden, sits on the rolling hills and plains overlooking the Baren Falls in the north, as the Baren river falls to the sea level at its entrance into Yin Sound.

The south of the Federal Republic has a moderate sub-tropical climate, it is however, far more humid in the Veldt of the southeast than it is in the southwest. As we move northward, it gets colder, although the climate of coastal cities such as Aden is quite moderate because of the effects of the ocean. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon to see snow in Aden in the winter seasons of December-March. In the inland areas, it gets colder, while the northeast is quite dry and warm because of the chinook winds driving down from the mountains of St. Ryanesia.

Geographic Statistics

 Total: 9,984,670 sq km
 Land: 9,093,507 sq km
 Water: 891,163 sq km
 Land Uses
 Arable land: 19.13%
 Permanent crops: 0.22%
 Other: 80.65%
 Elevation Extremes
 Lowest point: Veldt Basin -52m
 Highest point: Mount Tamaranch 6,963 m
 Maritime Claims
 Contiguous zone: 24 NM 
 Continental shelf: 200 NM or to the edge of the continental margin 
 Territorial sea: 12 NM 
 Exclusive economic zone: 200 NM

Flora and Fauna

The wide variety of landscapes in Aerigia serve as homes for many types of flora and fauna native to Prudentia. In the extreme north, there are also moose, reindeer, wolves, and semi-tundra biome animals in addition to tundra mosses and lichens. Grizzly bears, antlers and leopards (including the endangered golden leopards) live in the coniferous and temperate deciduous forests of the north and central areas. The view of spring blossoms and also the maple trees during the fall make the area a major tourist attraction. In the arid areas of the northeast, antelopes are common.

In the south of the nation, alligators, cougars and bobcats have homes in the swamps of The Veldt.

The Crimson Plum, a sweet plum used primarily to produce the infamous Aerigian plum wine, is fielded in the northeast, while Cromberry, a bitter fruit used to produce Shein, a domestic alcoholic drink, is produced in the southern areas. The angelberry, hailing from central Aerigia, is a fruit akin to the elderberry and lingonberry, usually made into jellies, puddingss, jam or syrups.

Natural Hazards

Tsunamis - North, northeast and northwest coastal areas are at risk if undersea earthquake in the Lost Vegas, Mauvidian and North Ice Seas.

Volcanoes - The nothern stretch of the Tamaranch mountains have two dormant volcanoes. Volcanic Bannister and Stevenson Islands in the Great Northern Sea.

Earthquake activity - North, northwest, western areas are close to fault lines.

Hurricanes - in the southwest coast, on rare ocassions they may hit areas as far north as Aden.

Blizzards - are common in the northern areas, and sometimes can reach as far south as Aden.

Environmental Concerns

Water Pollution - From metals and unaccounted organic waste. Run-off pollution during storms are being prevented in major cities by the construction of storm sewer systems in older areas.

Air pollution - from vehicles and industries - smog concentration is thick suring summer seasons in major urban areas

Political Geography of Aerigia

Aerigia is divided into 15 provinces, in addition to the Federal Protectorate of Gabbiani Islands:

Province Description Province Capitol
Hyacinthe Hyacinthe is located on the northwest part of The Federal Republic. Aden is located within Hyacinthe province, although the city, along with most of its suburbs and sateillite cities are part of the Capitol Administrative District. Main industries in Hyacinthe include media, electronics, information technologies, and automobiles industry. Kariya
Stonebrook Stonebrook is located in the northcentral part of Aerigia, it is a province filled with rolling plains, abdundant wildlife, and natural beauty. Jostana, the capital city, is considered the artistic capitol of Aerigia, with a large artist population and open-air cafes in its downtown areas. Jostana
Brentwood Brentwood is located in the west central part of Aerigia. It is home to the industrial cities of Dundas and Fort Vervedris. Fort Vervedris houses a major Aerigian Navy base and housed facilities for SATO's Atlantic fleet. The aerospace industry has a strong presence in Brentwood. Dundas
Fairview Fairview, as the name suggests, is a province with beautiful sceneary and landscape. It is right in the middle of the Aerigian heartland of agriculture, and is dominated by rural townships and villages. The cromberry originated from Fairview. Maryville
Silverado Silverado is a mountainous province, famous for its picturesque towns, castles and forts, as well as majestic mountain ranges. The province has te largest concentrations of ski resorts, hot springs resorts in The Federal Republic. Aside from tourism, mining also makes up a significant proportion of the province's economy. Regent Valley
Azura's Coast Azura's Coast is located on the eastern seaboard of Aerigia. It is home to a large automobile industry, and is also home to refinieries processing crude oil from the Mauvidian Sea. Ebonheart
Galbadia Galbadia is located on the very north tip of Aerigia. It is a largely industrial province, specializing in aerospace, transport machinery and automobiles. Deling City
Sheograd Sheograd is located on the Northeastern part of Aerigia. It is a rather desolate province, bordering the Great Ice Sea, it is an area rich in natural gas, crude oil and coal. Their province motto is: "We keep Aerigia humming.." Curiously enough, there is a large amount of contrmporary Aerigian musicians hailing from this province. Deling City
Kummu Kummu is a largely agricultural province located in north central Aerigia. The Crimson Plum is native to Kummu, and agricultural activity makes up for large amount of the economy. Although biotechnology is gaining ground. Balmora is one of the fastest growing cities in Aerigia. Balmora
Tethyir Tethyir consists of much of the rolling plains of Joaoia, east of the central mountain range. It has a largely agricultural economy, although information technology and biotechnology is increasingly prominent. The angelberry is native in Tethyir, it's juice is used in many Aerigian desserts, puddings and jellies. West Tethyir
Veldt The Veldt is a series of marshes, swamps and jungle that compasses the majority of the Aerigian southeast. The petroleum, natural gas industries are the province's economic drivers. Doma
Sachsen Sachsen is the province of heavy industry. The air is smoky and the smog is thick, but they are proud of it. Not all of Sachsen is grey and gloomy though, villages and towns in the countryside still mantain their Central Prudentian charm. Sachsen City
High Rock High rock's provincial symbol is the pine tree. And the province is a popular destination because of its many streams and rivers, tributaries of the Ashley River. Trabia
Figaro Figaro's many castles and forts, built during the Imperial era attracts many tourists. The province is also known for its fine, rich lager. Figaro
Pleasant Coast Aerigia's Gold Coast, filled with white sand beaches, palm and coconut trees and turquoise water. A major tourist attraction for Northern Prudentians looking to get a little suntan not too far away. Costa Del Sol

National Anthem

Forward On, Aerigia

Oh my glorious Aerigia,
My glorious and brave home

On, for valor and freedom
On, 'cross the great plains
Arms-in-hand we march!

Oh my glorious Aerigia,
From sea to shining sea,
Across the mountains and the valleys
March our Great nation to victory!

Oh my glorious Aerigia,
It is in unity that we find strength
The new era is here,
Forward on, we march!

Oh my glorious Aerigia
Glorious Aerigia,
On, towards glory we march!


Aerigian history can be broken down into several main periods:

Ancient History of Central Prudentia

Forming of the Prudentian Empire

History of the Prudentian Empire

Dissolution of the Prudentian Empire and Aftermath

Cardinal Sinclair's Aerigia

Jansen's Republic

Transitional Times

Farker Invasion

Partitioned Aerigia

Round-table and Reunification

Rapid Growth

Industry, Commerce & Economy

General Overview

Main Article: Aerigian Economy and Commerce

Aerigia's economy is export-led and oriented. Highly dependent on international trade, the many corporations and firms of the Federal Republic trade within the Heartland as well as with the entire world at large. With a pro-business attitude, government-industry cooperation helped sparked the Aerigian economy since the late 1960s. In addition, a strong work ethic and a mastery of high technology, helped propel Aerigia to the most technologically-powerful and largest economy in the Heartland.

The Federal Republic's major trading partners within The Heartland include Grays Harbor, Ineptia, Liverpool England, Nastic and Los Paises Lejanos. Outside of the Heartland, the majority Aerigia's main trading partners are member of the World Business Organization, and includes Der Angst, Lavenrunz, Menelmacar and Kyleria.

Metric measurements are used as standard in Aerigia.

Dominant Industries

Main article: Aerigian Industries

Industries are the most important sector of the Aerigian economy, and innovation in high technologies is the engine that drives the economic engine of the country. The most dominant industries in Aerigia has been the automotive, as well as the computer hardware and software industries, often combined into IT - Information Technology for short. Complementing this is a similarily dominant electronics industry, producing consumer and industrial purpose electronics for domestic consumption and export.

The much smaller agricultural and foodstuffs sector is highly subsidized and protected, with crop yields among the highest in the world. Mining and integrated oil and gas industries are similarily protected by government in order to support the industries, which is heavily dependent on the supply of raw materials.

In the future, robotics constitutes a key long-term economic strength. Aerigia currently possesses 490,000 "working robots."

Supporting Infrastructure and Communications


Aerigia's communications and transporational network stretch across the breadth of it's Prudentian footprint. Improvments made after reunification improved east-west logistical connections, as well as telecommunications. This project included high-speed inter-provincial highway networks and high speed railways and is a continuation and modernization of the networks built in the days of the Prudentian Empire.

Highway Networks

Main Article: Aerigian Highways

The Aerigian highway network provides conveinent links to cities and towns across Aerigia's Prudentian footprint. It consists of federal, provincial and municipal roads. Some roads may be tolled, such as the autobahn-like federal highways that run from the east coast to the west, the longest of which is called The Mauvidian-Vegan Highway (Route 401).


Main article: Railways of Aerigia

The AFR - Aergian Federal Railways, runs passenger and freight trains, as well as the high speed ARPAC inter-city rail service. Trains serve all major Aerigian cities as well as those in Grays Harbor and Ineptia. The AFR is mostly privitized, with the government owning approximately 15% of the outstanding shares; while Aden Union Logistics, a shipping and transporational company with a long history owning 33%.

ARPAC provides high speed service for short journeys of less than 4 hours from the destination. ARPAC train cars provide coach class, business class and first class services, in addition to business services and food and beverage bars on board.

The longer conventional journies are provided by AFR Zephyr Service - These trains have coach class, Bunk class and Suite Class services. The coach class are similar to the amenities provided in economy class on airlines, bunk class provides a bed while the suite class provides a completely private suite complete with shower and toilet facilities.


Aerigian ports are some of the busiest in the world, supporting the nation's export economy. The port of Aden and Ebonheart are the busiest port on the Prudentian continent, and both can accomodate large cargo and passenger cruise ships as part of the SeaRail network.

Airways and Airports

Most Aerigian cities have an international airport, and with three major airlines (Celestial Aerigian, Aerigian Airways, Air Prudentia) offering domestic and international flights to connect Aerigia to the world. Aden Parsons International is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, and is well connected to downtown Aden by a maglev high speed train line.

Currency and Monetary Policy

The Aerigian currency is the Mon, and the subunit to the mon is the Cin, in 100 denomination similar to cents/dollar.

Economic Statistics

 Exchange Rate: 1 Aerigian Mon(ÆM/AEM) = $1.6433 USD
 Gross Domestic Product: $126,404,063,851,403.16 (ÆM 76,920,868,892,717)
 GDP Per Capita: $31,172.40 (ÆM 18,969.39)
 Exports: $15,650,166,915,465.65 (ÆM 9,523,621,320,188)
 Imports: $15,130,313,789,062.50 (ÆM 9,207,274,258,542)
 Trade Surplus: $519,853,126,403.15 (ÆM 316,347,061,646)
 GDP - real growth rate:3.1% (2003 est.)
 GDP - composition by sector:
 Agriculture: 3.6%
 Industry: 36.4%
 Services: 60% (2003 est.)


The People of Aerigia


With the 427 years it spent as the prominent part of the Prudentian Empire, the Aerigian population a mix of several main cultural groups. The eastern coast was originally dominated by East Asian fishermen and miners. If you move inland, Central and Eastern Europeans settle in the rolling grassy plains and at the foot of Mount Parker and Mount Tamaranch.

The Western coast is populated by a primarily Malkeri or Harberian population, they are decendants of settlers moving north from the old Harbieran Empire.

Over the years before the 1924 Communist Revolution in Doma, which dispersed rural ethnic settlements in favor of mass urbanization, the groups have kept seperate except for trade ties. Because of the ongoing conflicts during the years of partitioned Aerigia, major cities in Aerigia, formerly consisting mainly of Harberians and Malkeris, have seen massive induction of migrants yearing to avoid the ongoing war in the countryside.

After the Federation in 1992, the rural areas have once again become peaceful and farming/mining communities have flourished. Nonetheless, as of the Aerigian Federal Census 2001, 86% of Aerigians live in urban environments and the different ethnic groups have became dispersed throughout the country. Cross-ethnic families also now account for nearly 55% of Aerigian marriages per year, one of the highest in the world.

Census - Aerigian Ethnic Composition 2001

West/Central European (Mostly Harberians, Malkeris (Similar to British 
and Irish in Grays Harbor) and Germans ): 25%
Eastern European (mostly Polish and Ukrainian): 22%
Eastern Asian (mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese): 22%
Northern Europeans (Finnish, Danish, Swedish): 7%
Mixed Background: 10%
Others (Mostly Carribean (Gabbiani Islands), Spanish , South Asian (mostly Tamil)): 14%

Aerigian Culture and Art

A blend of Eastern honor and Western elegence, the Aerigians inherited the formalness of the Prudentian Empire Dukes of Aberdeen and Malkeri courts. According to eastern traditions, guests are made to feel welcome and are provided with many refreshments and amenities. It is not uncommon to see Aerigian friends insisting to pay the restaurant bill for both themselves and their families and friends. "Going Dutch" is not as popular in Aerigia as it is in other Western nations.

The Medieval Millennium Faire, is an attraction located within the Aerigian Exhibition Grounds (AEG)in Aden. It is primarily a jousting show accompanied with a dinner of roasted potatoes and chicken served on medieval styled dishes. Admissions to displays, tales, artifacts and a medieval marketplace are also included in the admission price.

Hot springs, and Eastern music instruments are famous Aerigian tourist attractions brought from ancient times. Orchestral music were brought in by the Malkeris and Harberians during the Prudentian Empire and became big attraction, with the famous play "The Love Oath" featured by The Aden Metropolitan Orchestra, a major hit among locals and tourists. A major movie studio is currently making the play into a motion picture to be released worldwide. The other famous folklore in Aerigia is "Two Pieces", which is a much more contemporary literature based on a group of adventurers searching for themselves while looking to save a fantasy world from a certain doom. The motion picture of this literature/novel is set to be released soon in theatre.

Aerigia is also home to an increasing number of artists. Art galleries are prominent in Jostana, the artistic capital of Prudentia.

Modern pop culture in Aerigia is similar to North American pop culture. Hip-hop and urban music is popular in Aerigia, and so is euro-inflenced dance music. Some world famous Aerigian artists/groups include: Wheels of Steels, Joyride, Therapy, Whatever and Boys 2 Girls.

Religion in Aerigia

Most of Aerigians are Catholics, following the teachings of the late Cardinal Thomas Sinclair, whom brought Aerigia under control after the break-up of the Prudentian Empire and the Aerigian civil war. There are also Taoists and Buddhists groups among other Christian groups. Free religious rights are protected and freedom to practice is garaunteed under The Federation Act of 1992.

Federal Census - Religions Practiced

Christians (Majority of Roman Catholic, Others as Baptists and Presbyterians): 59%
Taoists/Buddhists (Chinese/East Asian Combinational Religion): 10%
Other Christian: 10%
No religion declared: 6%
Other: 15%

Aerigian Holidays

The following are Federal holidays in Aerigia:

Date Name Description
January 1 New Year's Day Signifying the new calendar year. New fiscal year for most Aerigian businesses)
January 22, 23 Lunar New Year Federal Holiday on Lunar Calendar 30th and 1st
March 9 Cardinal Sinclair Day Celebrates the birth of the founder of modern Aerigia
March 26 Good Friday Traditional Christian holiday
March 29 Easter Monday Traditional Christian holiday
April 7 Tomb Sweeping Day Day to pay tribute to those who have passed away
May 20 Republic Day To commemorate the founding of the Federal Republic
May 23 Memorial Day To commemorate those who have fought in the Aerigian wars
October 17 Mid-autumn Festival/Thanksgiving Day To celebrate mid autumn harvests
December 23rd Winter Solstice To celebrate the gathering of families in deep winter
December 25th Christmas Day Traditional Christian holiday
December 26th Boxing Day 2nd Christmas Federal Holiday

Language in Aerigia

With a varied culture, the Aerigian populations speaks a wide amount of different languages as their mother tongue. While English is used as the official language by The Federal Republic, for law, business and public institutional uses, there are a large amount of ethnic businesses and communities that also conduct their business and daily activities through their native language.

Aerigian high school graduates, as of 1995, are required to be proficent in one other language of Polish, Chinese (Mandarin or Canontnese), or German in order to graduate. This is the result of the Heritage Rights Act.

Aerigian Federal Census Bureau - Census 2001 - First/Household Languages

English - Official Language (100%)
Other widely used languages: (Percentages of Population)
23% Polish
22% Chinese (Canotonese and/or Mandarin)
14% German 
10% Finnish
10% Danish 
5% Swedish  
4% Korean 
2% Japanese
10% Others

Foods and Wines of Aerigia

Because of Aerigia's diverse population, there are resturants serving varied cusines. Fish, shellfish as well as other forms of seafood is popular in Aerigia because of the fresh fish due to the proximity to the sea. Salmon from the Baren river tributaries are also known to be some of the best, as is the salmon roe. In the inland areas, especially near the Harberian border, beef is more popular and large cattle farms can be found; while the northern area's lamb and mutton are more popular.

The formal Aerigian cuisine consist of a large appitizer platters with seaweed, seafood, fish, with daikon (white carrot) and potatoes in hot pork bone (or beef) soup. Other soups may be substituted, such as broscht or cream soups. The Aerigian main course varies; steak, chicken, or beef served with a side of rice pilaf and potatoes are popular.

Noodles are popular lunch and snack foods in Aerigia, as is dumplings. Fillings of dumplings vary (from meat and vegetables for Asian style, to cheese, potatoes and sour cream for pierogies). One foreign journalist wrote: "You'll never go hungry with a full wallet in the streets of Aden.", it accurately describes the higher price and quality of food in downtown Aden. Foods in ethnically concentrated areas (such as Chinatown, K-town, J-town, Little Warsaw) are more economical, as is food in the suburban areas of Aden.

Wines and liquor consist of the normal fare, and also several speciality liquors. Brewed from Crimson Plum (Crimson Tide), angelberry (Fallen Angel) or Cromberry (Shein), these liquors have found its way into numerous cocktails such as the Aden Sling. These liquors are also served straight up as shots.

Aerigian Media Networks

Aerigia has a dominating media network, with its strength supported by the mega-conglomerates and corporate marketing machines. The most dominant of which is Love Media - owned by millionaire Donald Love. It's main rival, AMN was originally had majority stakes owned by the government. The government now owns 15% of the 2nd largest media network in Aerigia, and AMN NewsCentre is to be the most reliable news source in Aerigia, because of its consultancy system it holds with the Department of Communications.

Some news networks such as AMN Aerigia, are also popoular and can be seen in neighbouring Prudentian countries, such as Lower Biswald, Grays Harbor and Ineptia.

Aerigian National TV Stations

Aerigian Radio Stations

Best selling Aerigian Newspapers and Megazines

Aerigian Sports


Political Parties

Finance and Budgetary

<Under Construction>


Organization and Branches

Organization and Departments

Aerigia maintains a parliamentary system of government, similar to the Harberian Commons (Representatives) and Deputies (Senate). The head of government is the President of the Federal Republic. The President is responsible for upholding the rights and well-being of Aerigians in the three Federal Regions and The Federated Protectorate. He is also the Commander-in-chief of the Aerigian Armed Forces.

The Departments and Directors, are appointed by the President as his/her cabinet. When a government is elected, each member of the cabinet is in charge of a particular community (riding), as well as his/her department directoral duties. There are ten departments in the current Aerigian government: Department of Commerce, Trade and Economic Development, Department of the Armed Forces, Department of Health and Sanitation, Department of Education and Development, Department of Transportation and Logistics, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Communications, Department of Forestry/Natural Resources/Agriculture, Department of Labour and The Department of Provincial/Civic affairs.

Order of Government

The executive branch of the government holds the most powers, and reserve veto in extreme matters including national security and use of the Federal Armed Forces. The legislative branch passes bills and laws. This can be vetoed by the Federal Comission, which consists of representives from each of the Federal Regions. Provincial and Municipal governments have lesser control on bills and laws. For instance, major transportational railways and roads is controlled Federally, while many parks fall under the jurisdiction of the provinces.

The judicial arm and the Supreme Court judges are independently appointed by the Commons and Deputies.

The Federal Protectorate of Gabbiani Islands retains its own governance system. The role of the Federal Republic is the protection of the islands as well as diplomatic support (such as the issuing of passports, visas and travel documents)

Foreign Policy

Laws and Judicial System

Aerigia's law system is a mix of Harberian Basic Law concepts with indigenous concepts coined and amalgamated together by Cardinal Sinclair at the formation of the First Aerigian Republic. Smoking and Alcohol is legal in Aerigia, although in many public areas, smoking is not allowed. Public intoxication, as with prostitution and gambling is allowed in certain areas (Red Light Districts).

Laws have recently passed to allow cannibis to be partaken in designated cafes by adults over 19 years of age (Often located in Red Light Districts). Firearms must be registered and can only be owned by Certified Firearms Clubs hunting clubs and collecting clubs, in addition to the police, military and governmental authorities.

Freedom of speech, to a degree is alloted by Aerigian Federal Law. However, any comments that attempt to undermine the stability, or otherwise, peace and prosperity of The Aerigian Federation is not tolerated.

Euthanasia is permitted by witness consent and professional approval from a Federally-recognized board of doctors. Same sex marriages are not recognized by The Aerigian law system and such couples are not permitted to adopt children, or share the same benefits hetero-sexual couples have in the Aerigian family law system, which includes certain tax subsidies.

The death penalty exists for capital crimes such as murder (not including unintentional manslaughter), rape, treason. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty at a court of law. Courts exists at a municipal level (for civil disputes), provincial level and federal levels (Supreme Court)

Aerigian Armed Forces

Main Article: Aerigian Armed Forces

The Aerigian Armed Forces is a professional, voluntary service, consisting of approximately 1.2 million men and women. It is divided into the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guards (Coast guard and forestry services) departments. The Federal Armed Forces also include strategic arms (space and nuclear forces), and special services arms (special forces).

The Department of the Armed Forces is under the direct order of the President of the Federal Republic.

Traveling to Aerigia

The Federal Republic has Visa-free agreements with most Heartland states. (Except for Cokekilan Alliance States, Ashvagosha) Most are billateral vias-free agreements for leisure and family travels. Foreign Workers and Students must acquire respective visas to be able to work, or study in Aerigia.

Visa free-agreements also exist for non-Heartland states, mainly for those in the SATO and WBO alliances. Livestock, animals and plants cannot be brought into the country without approval of the Federal Foods and Wildlife Comission. Large amounts of property and cash will also require an audit by The Federal Department of Commerce.

When inside Aerigia, all persons must carry government issued identification cards when in public (IDs from Grays Harbor, West Olympia and Ineptia are also accepted). All other visitors will be given a temporary card at the immigration desk at the port of entry. This card must be returned as the exit visa when leaving the country.