Aerion People's Liberation Army

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Flag of the APLA

An Aerion insurgent organization founded by Colonel Rakodeth Rodal, it had some social democrat leanings though over the years it has become more communist Trotskyism. . They sometimes resort to terrorist methods. In the past they have expressed wilingness to ally with other socialist, democratic socialist, and communist organizations. They are a very covert operation because of the Grand Kingdom's extensive Public Surveillance programs and National ID Cards. They are broken into remote cells, though are rumored to have assets such as hidden bases in several Aerionian provinces.

Their focus in recent years seems to have turned toward covert activities against the Megacorporations, though they still see the Aerion Monarchy as a center of corruption.

Known Terrorist Acts

The Attack on the Royal Airship and Death of King Wasterin X

The APLA claims credit for the destruction of the Royal Airship, which killed King Wasterin X. The King was hosting an international party attended by several delegates from other nations. APLA guerilla fighters launched a surface to air missile attack against the Royal Airship and escort when the Royal Airship was passing over an particularly remote wilderness area of Aerion. Unfortunately either Royal Army personnel were bribed, or this route was just not scouted well enough. The advanced surface to air missiles managed to take out several escort helicopters, and bring the airship down. Most of the delegates evacuated safely, however the King himself was severely wounded.

The Bombing of the Royal Opera House

Though they did not claim this attack, the APLA is generally accused of it. A bomb detonated inside the Royal Opera House during the Season Open when many of Aerion's high society and elite were gathered. The explosion killed everyone inside, and many several high ranking Royal Governemnt officials, and corporate executives. It is a theory that has moved beyond conspiracy theory that this was the result of attempted political assassination. The Royal District is normally considered quiet secure, with extra security precautions at every turn. The security, and circumstances lead many to believe this theory. However, the investigation and following press release by the Royal Government accused the APLA. The details were supposedly covered up, even the wealthy families closed their cases seemingly happy with the APLA accusation.

Today the Royal Opera House has been rebuilt following the same design though larger, and even more grand than before. The story of this attack is still not fully known.

Declaration of Purpose

"Why we fight the Aerion Monarchy"

1. Because it is not legal
The Aerion Monarchy, and the Royal Government is unresponsive to the voice of the people. It serves the Aerion people in no way other than for its own reasons. It oppresses citizens when they resist its tyranny. It offers no democracy on the national or provincial level, only those whom the King, and his Privy Council directly appoint. It does not allow free market, as the King charters out only certain corporations to hold monopoly on certain goods, and leaves little choice of employment for many citizens. The higher classes are immune from legal prosecution, and exempt from certain laws.

2. Because it is not moral
As a monarchy with genuine accountability, it uses force to maintain its reign of terror over the citizenry. It enforces taxes without respect for the needs of its citizens. It ignores the hundreds of thousands of homeless in the streets while indulging in its own excesses.

3. Becase it is not socially responsible
As a force of totalitarianism, it suppresses free thought and communication. It censors those who speak against it. By force it rules over the people, separating itself behind walls both literally and figuratively. Public education is terrible, only providing up to the 8th grade, and all of the elite send their children to private schools or can afford to send them to Royally chartered universities.

4. Because it is corrupt
Every single member of the Royal Government is corrupt, and live luxurious wealthy lifestyles. And the corporate elite care for mo one. These men use their positions totally to their own gain through networking, and power. The elite live off of the people of Aerion like a leech, indulging in wild excesses as people starve in the street or can barely get by.

Therefore, the People's Liberation Army of Aerion has declared that it is at war with the current oppressive regime of Aerion, and the "elite" who oppress us. As this is a war, the People's Liberation Army of Aerion will use force against these oppressors. We feel we have the right, and the reason to wage war against this government. We are not terrorists, but freedom fighters. We will use guerilla, and covert methods to accomplish our goal of liberation of the Aerion people. However, we will seek to minimize civilian casualites as in any war. We encourage the people of Aerion, and the peoples of the world not to see us as terrorists as the Monarchy will falsely label us but as freedom fighters.

Colonel Rakoteth Roidal
Leader of the People's Liberation Army