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Aerionian Courtesans go back as far as to early tribal days of Aerion, at which time they were actually considered semi-priestesses among the southern and eastern tribes. To this tradition some Courtesan Houses still harkin back to. They are trained in exquisite grace, high society manners, dance, entertainment, and most importantly intellectual conversation which distinguishes them. They are far from the common street lady.

Courtesans are somewhat accepted in Aerionian High Society, to the point where some men of the elite bring the most distinguished courtesans to social occasions on their arm even when married. The more religious in high society, such as Christians or Buddhists, may look down on such activity but accept it as it is socially acceptable.

Courtesans are often distinguished by the way they carry a fan, and hold the fan in a myriad of elegant ways. They have an dance known as the fan dance (or Jurekala) which is performed in private, and is very evocative. It is similar to the belly dancing style of tribal Aerion, but much more refined.


The Aerionian Courtesans are an modern development from the Ladies of Abeshala, goddess of the moon, an early group of semi-priestesses who performed the same function with religious significance. They were often the gift to great warriors upon their completion of some great deed, or mistresses to the tribal chieftans. They were also wisdom keepers, and had a great knowledge of the arts.

Thus in the same way many courtesans today still honor Abeshala, and many Courtesan Houses have a discreet altar to her or more open statue of her in their courtyards.

The tradition of Jurekala, or the fan dance is perhaps one of the direct traditions the modern Courtesans have drawn from the Ladies of Abeshala.

The name for the training the Courtesans, Shashealia, is also named for the ancient tribal name for the Ladies of Abeshala. Most modern Courtesan Houses can trace their lineage back to the Shashealia, but do not publicize this lineage for they feel that they will be known by the skill in their art.

Training in the Art of Shashealia

The Art of the Courtesan is known as Shashealia, and is is much more complex than simply knowing the arts of seduction or pleasure. The Ladies of Abeshala had over five hundred years to perfect their art, and the modern Courtesan Houses refined this even further.

Training beyond the arts of seduction includes grace, body language, psychology, diplomacy, hypnotism, and even illusionism. They are so trained in high society graces that they outmatch women of high birth. It is said that an Aerionian Courtesan can say everything with her eyes, and are said to be able to hypnotize with their eyes. The way they hold a glass of wine is an art form.

They are also trained well academically, and most hold the equivalent of a Master’s Degree. They are often trained in three languages, as the standard Aerionian high society is trained in two.

Aleshu (Life-Courtesan)

Aleshu are the highest ranked courtesans of the modern Courtesan Houses, and often form the leadership of the house. They are often orphans or their families send them at the age of 8 to live in an private courtesan school ran by the Courtesans along with other teachers. Here they will receive typical schooling along with the equivalent of being tutored in the ways of high society as well as receive the tutoring in social graces high society ladies will. Their more adult training does not begin until they are 17 at an actual Courtesan House. The highest of the Aleshu are the most exclusive of the courtesans, and their price often can exceed A£2000 an hour.

Jurekalae (Fan Dance)

The fan dance is an evocative dance form that is a combination of the ancient tribal Aerionian belly dancing, and more graceful elegant moves. The fan dance is an evocative dance form that is a combination of the ancient tribal Aerionian belly dancing, and more graceful elegant moves. It is said that some dances of the Jurekalae can bring one to tears, while others can inflame one into wild passion. It can be done with one or two fans. There is the Southern Style and Eastern Style, both of which have slightly different dances. The Southern Style is said to be more sensual, and seductive.

Those who are mistresses of the fan dance and specialize in it are called Jurekalana (Fan Dancer), and are often called for performances at even large social occasions. They sometimes do this exclusively, and are no longer purely courtesans.


Some courtesans may become mistresses to high society, or even to government officials. They often spend their exclusive time with these men, and are often in almost full agreements. They are often paid on a monthly basis, and their price is extreme. Some say that Aleshu Courtesans are on the arms of the most powerful men in the Grand Kingdom.

Courtesan Houses

Courtesan Houses are rare, and there are fewer than 200 left in the Grand Kingdom of Aerion. They often have beautiful flowering names, and are almost always in the most exclusive areas though sometimes discreetly tucked away. They are often noted to be in the oldest quarters of the provincial capitals, often within two miles of an Governor’s Palace. They are also in exclusive resort towns, and one island southeast of Aerion is known as Shashealia Island and is considered the “mother place” of the modern Courtesans today.

House of the Illuminated Lunar Lotus

One of the most exclusive courtesan houses in the capital of Aerion, the House of the Illuminated Lunar Lotus is one of three houses in the Royal District. It is an exclusive, hidden house, and is mainly known by word of mouth. Because of extremely wealthy clients, it is said to have an extremely luxurious interior including a small bathhouse. The courtesans are exclusive, are known by clients for their skill in the arts of pleasure, but also for their social graces. Courtesan of this house are often seen on the arms of the wealthiest gentlemen.

House of the Sapphire Waters

The House of the Sapphire Water is the third prestigious Courtesan House in the Royal District, and is attached by discreet entrance to the Great Baths, the large exclusive private membership baths complex. The House itself is actually within the walled complex of the Great Baths, a grouping of palatial buildings and smaller buildings in gardens in the Royal District. This house is often one that is visited more often than the courtesans attending social occasions. It has been sometimes called a “pleasure house”, and is often considered by other courtesans to be on the edge of acceptable behavior even for courtesans.

Shashealia Island

An exclusive, secretive, and almost hidden island southeast of Aerion, Shashealia Island is known or rather unknown as the “mother place” of modern Courtesan Houses. It is an offlimits Royal Wilderness Reserve decreed by the Crown, but is unlisted, allowing it to be fully private. An rumor often considered to be far fetched is that the last temple of the Ladies of Abeshala is here, but not even former courtesans can confirm this or perhaps they do not say. Quiet unusually there is also an Buddhist nunnery on the island, and it is rumored that they might be retired courtesans.