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The Aerionian Gold Leaf (Currency Code: AGL) (A£) is the official currency of the Grand Kingdom of Aerion. The A£ is considered a fiat currency, meaning it is not backed by a gold standard or fixed to a mass of precious metal. It is adjusted by the Royal Central Bank and issued by the Royal Mint.

The Aerionian Gold Leaf is unique in that it is primarily an electronic currency. Standard paper and coinage has been phased out.


The standard government issued legal tender is the Aerionian Gold Leaf credit chip, a round electronic device resembling a coin with an digital display that can be loaded with various denominations of Aerionian Gold Leaves at ATMs. For example, an person making a payment for lunch may load an credit chip with 15A£ which will be displayed on the chip's simple digital display. He may then use this as payment.

The credit chip is very safe, and protected by the Royal Government. It is a felony to tamper with an credit chip.

In practice most people do not use credit chips unless they are for some reason needed as legal tender. Most Aerionians use their bank cards which are also proximity cards that allow easy one-tap payment by sensor.

Other forms of legal tender

The Royal Mint issues other forms of legal tender that are often used by the wealthy, and for ceremonial purposes.

The Royal Aerionian Note

The Royal Aerionian Note is the size of a dollar bill. The minimum denomination of an Royal Aerionian Note is A£1000. They are made of high quality paper with holographic certification stamps and other methods of security.

A£1000 Royal Aerionian Note - Printed with the picture of First Elder Wasterin V'i.

A£5000 Royal Aerionian Note - Printed with the picture of Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin

A£10,000 Royal Aerionian Note - Printed with the picture of King Wasterin X

A£100,000 Royal Aerionian Note - Printed with a stylized picture of the Royal Palace

Royal Crown Bullion Coins

The Royal Crown Bullion Coins are made of prescious metals. They are stamped with the face of the reigning monarch, in lack of a present one they are stamped with the face of King Wasterin X. They are dated using Roman Numerals, and all come from the main Royal Mint in the Aerionian capital of Astevane.

The Platinum Royal Crown

The Platinum Royal Crown is 1 troy oz of platinum and is .9995 PLATINUM 1 OZ. It fluctuates with the prices of platinum bullion, but is generally worth around A£1000

Diameter: 32.7 mm
Thickness: 2.39 mm
Weight: 1.0005 troy oz (31.120 g)
Value: A£1000

The Gold Royal Crown

The Gold Royal Crown is is 1 troy oz of gold and is .9167 fine gold (22 karat). It is approximately worth A£500

Diameter: 32.70 mm
Thickness: 2.87 mm
Weight: 1.0909 troy oz (33.930 g)
Value A£500

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