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Symbol of Aerionian Rite

The Aerionian Rite is the variation of Freemasonry worked in the Grand Kingdom of Aerion, and within the Grand Orient of Aerion. It consists of a subtle change in degrees, but largely follows the rituals of other rites. Not much is known of its actual rituals, but the basic degrees of the Ancient Craft Lodge are known to be the same as the ritual of the other basic foundational three Ancient Craft Lodge degrees excepting requiring a belief in the Supreme being. It is considered to be one of the most secret rites today, as the rites are not written in a book but rather memorized and orated from person to person.


Ancient Craft Lodge

  • 1° Apprentice
  • 2° Fellow Craft
  • 3° Master Mason

Lodge of Perfection

  • IV Secret Master
  • V Perfect Master
  • V Master of the Brazen Serpent
  • VI Master of the Temple

Chapter degrees

  • VII Sublime Master
  • VIII Ancient Pontiff
  • IX Patriarch of the Order

Order of the Ancient Owl

  • X Knight of the Royal Secret
  • XI Grand Commander

Order of the Ancient Owl

The Order of the Ancient Owl is a chivalric order appointed by a unique voting process from among the members, and consists actively of no more than 23 members. It is normally composed 3 princes or princesses of the Royal Blood, and 20 brothers or sisters of the Aerionian Rite. Members have attained the highest degrees in the Aerionian Rite as Knights of the Royal Secret and Grand Commanders. It is led by the Sovereign Grand Commander, and the Deputy Sovereign Grand Commander as well as numerous other officers.

The Order of the Ancient Owl's chapel is housed in the Supreme Temple in Astevane.

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