Aerionian Royal Family

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The Aerionian Royal Family includes the Sovereign of Aerion, and their family. Specifically those who carry the style of His or Her Royal Highness (HRH), or His or Her Highness (HH). The Aerionian Royal Family belongs to the Royal House of Wasterin, considered to be all those descended directly from King Wasterin I and possibly those from First Elder Wasterin V'i.

There are few surviving members of the Royal House of Wasterin after purges by the various governments following King Wasterin I's fall. Out of those few there are few that are known, others choose to remain private, and do not reveal their affiliation to the public for privacy even in this stable monarchy. Some may come forward in the future.

The family seat is at The Royal Palace

Current Public Members

HRH Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin (Nephew of King Wasterin X (dec))
HRH Princess Jahia Wasterin (Daughter of Crown Prince)
HRH Princess Ameria Wasterin (Sister to Crown Prince)
HRH Princess Oriauna Wasterin(First cousin of King Wasterin X (dec))
HH Prince Astune Wasterin (Son of Princess Oriauna)
HH Princess Nesharue Wasterin (Wife of Prince Astune Wasterin)
HH Princess Lasheera Wasterin (Daughter of Pricness Oriauna)