Aerionian diplomatic missions

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The Grand Kingdom of Aerion maintains embassies and consulates throughout the world as well as sometimes beyond. These embassies are staffed, and maintained by His Majesty's Diplomatic Service, an branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Because of the size and operation of an embassy, Diplomatic Service Nationals <DSN> are often employed who are citizens of the country in which the embassy is located

Embassies of the Grand Kingdom of Aerion are known as "Royal Embassy of Aerion". Formally it is normally "Royal Embassy of Aerion in (Nation's capital)".

Ambassadors of Aerion are known formally as "His Majesty's Royal Ambassador to (Nation)" or often shortened to "HM's Ambassador".

Listed below are Aerion's diplomatic missions abroad, excluding honorary consulates.

NOTE: Aerion can be presumed to have many more embassies than what is listed, these are those that have been formally described.

Aerionian Diplomatic Missions

  • People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia

The Royal Embassy of Aerion in Rêvane
Aerionian Consulate General Wavecrest
Aerionian Consulate General Espérence
Aerionian Consulate New Hope
Aerionian Consulate Cité-Belle
Aerionian Consulate Haven

The Royal Embassy of Aerion in New Rome
Aerionian Consulate General New Jerusalem, Exarchate of New Jerusalem
Aerionian Consulate General New Constantinople, Despotate of New Constantinople
Aerionian Consulate General Drakopolis
Aerionian Consulate Manuelville, Montmanuel
Aerionian Consulate Adrienople

The Royal Embassy of Aerion in New Amsterdam
Aerionian Consulate General Madero Cabello, Nabarro Abarca (Covers Gandara, Jagiella, Sahor, and Marlund)
Aerionian Consulate General Tarana, Tarana, Danaan High Kingdom (Covers all 24 principalities excepting Shieldcrest )
Aerionian Consulate General Narich, Shieldcrest
Aerionian Consulate General Taliadoros, Hipolis