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Aerion has perhaps one of the most comprehensive national identification programs.

The Aerionian National ID Card is tied to the National Identity Database. It contains biometric information on a chip including retinal scan, fingerprints, facial characteristics, and genetic information. It also contains an GPS locator, but this is not well known. The National Identity Database contains the biometric and genetic information on the national card, and updates the card as needed.

The public mass surveillance closed circuit cameras are also tied to the National Identity Database, and among its systems allows the facial recognition system to immediately recognize a citizen if necessary.

The Aerionian National ID Card has to be renewed every 3 years in order to maintain national security, and upon entering the civil or military services. It is administered by the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior.


Special Classification

The Special Classification imprint is able to be changed.

Special Classification may be:

Protected Citizen - This class is said to be for those needing special indicator, but often used for the wealthiest and corporate elite. Will have an # indicating the category. Ex: Protected Citizen CL12

Government: This will have something such as Government-Ministry-Office with abbreviation. Ex: Gov-MOC-RPO would indicate someone worked in the Ministry of Commerce in the Royal Patent Office

Military: This will indicate branch, rank, and division. Often special for the Royal Guard.

Example: Mil-RAA-OF3-5thA2C3D would indicate an Royal Aerionian Army Major in the Fifth Army, Second Corps, Third Division.

Ex:Mil-RG-Cpt-PG would indicate an Royal Guard Captain of the Palace Guard

National ID #

The format of the National ID # is: syymmpprrcxxxa-sp
S - The first number is 1 for male or 2 for female
YY - The year of birth
MM - The month of birth
PP - Number of the province of origin
RRC - First two number of region last city
XXX - Personal number
A - Checksum number
SP - Special #, normally 22 for regular citizen, 45 for government, 11 for military, 18 for police

This number is often used as what is called an ID number or social security in other countries.