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Established 1932
Headquartered Timiocato, Capitale, Pacitalia
Hub airports Timiocato Santo Ragazzo International Airport
Mandragora Timothy J. Ell International Skyport
Nortopalazzo Centraliterra International Airport
Seaburg International Airport
Mynia International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Imperium International Airport
Focus airports Amita International Airport
Athalone International Airport
Puntafora International Airport
Sambuca International Airport
Saronno International Airport
Timiocato Memoriale di Veterani International Airport
Capital Cities International Airport
Breningrad International Airport
Istanbul International Airport
Assets Đ166,400,000,000 (est. 10/2006)
Company value Đ6,226,301,934,000 (est. 10/2006)
Employees 858,643 (8/2006)
Fleet size 43,315
Destinations 15,671
Loyalty system Aeroplan
Flight code AP
CEO Signore Alfredo Cantramatto
CFO Signore Paolo Mariano Anfunzanti
Board Chairman Signore Napolito Tandali Grazzo
Slogan We never forget you have a choice.
Quality of Service World: Rank T-1st

Aerolinea Nazionale di Pacitalia (PAX800: AP), known commercially and publicly as AeroPacitalia -- is Pacitalia's largest passenger airline and, although a fully private corporation, is the nation's flag carrier. AeroPacitalia markets as itself for international and most regular-cost domestic flights, but its two subsidiaries - AP Crimson and AP Emerald - provide low-cost short-range and charter flights, respectively.

Collectively, AeroPacitalia is one of the top five global carriers by market capitalisation. In addition, the airline ranks amongst the global top 15 in terms of revenue passenger kilometres according to ViZion's Air Transport World Magazine, and has been tied for the best service of any international carrier for 11 straight years.

One of AeroPacitalia's well-publicised strengths is its business (first) class service. The hook-line "we want to provide the best service you could ask for, without you having to ask" has been included in every business-class promotion since 2000, and as a result, passenger numbers in AP's top-level flight class have risen nearly 185% in five years. Customer satisfaction also increased dramatically as a result of this ingenious marketing campaign.

Alliances and Customer Rewards (Loyalty programs)

AeroPacitalia is a member of the ViZion-based Star Alliance. It was one of the first airlines to join, helping to form the original contingent of members back in 1976. Code-sharing agreements exist between AeroPacitalia and its fellow Star Alliance members, and AP's Aeroplan frequent-flyer customer rewards programme has been adopted by a majority of SA airlines. Further non-SA code-sharing agreements are in process, the most prominent of which are CSAs between AP and Ariddia's flag carrier, Ariddian Airlines, and between AP and Bedistan/Commerce Heights' main carrier, Air Paripana. The only current non-Star Alliance code-sharing agreement AP has is between itself and Knootian flag carrier KLM.

Recently, Air Willink teamed with AP in a new code-sharing agreement. The agreement also allowed the two carriers to link their reservation network systems and provide seamless passenger services with faster check-in, which means that passengers only need to check-in once at the starting point of their travel at either airline without the hassle of booking fees that other CSAs stipulate.

Increasing the fleet size and destination count

AP has taken major steps over the last five years to increase its destinations list and fleet size in fiscally responsible ways. It has managed to maintain a bottom line out of the red while capitalising on newly-developing transportation hubs and desirable cities, snapping up gates and even whole terminals at new airports. However, the airline has also begun to increase its emphasis on the strategy of focus, or secondary hubs, adding terminal space and buying up gates at major airports in Hamptonshire and the United Kingdom of Oceania.

AP plans to expand its Crimson and Emerald services to those two countries to offer competitive low-cost/no-frills and competitive charter flight markets for customers in Hamptonshire and Oceania. It also says it plans to offer a new service called Cobalt that will fly ultra long-haul (ULH) flights using either new SuCO-1 aircraft from Space Union, or Ato-Sara's revolutionary J-900 supercraft.

Current paintjob

Below is an example of the current paintjob on AeroPacitalia's fleet of nearly 44,000 airplanes.

2006 redesign livery on AeroPacitalia's Airbus A380s
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