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Nation: The Resurgent Dream
Function: Largest city in Thorlund
Population: 423,440
Leader: Mayor Agid Taegert

Agwenberg is a town located in Guilford Parish in the Confederal Member of Thorlund. Its estimated population in June 2007 is 423,440, making it the largest city in Thorlund. It is located at the end of a Confederal Expressway. Agwenberg is the seat of Guilford Parish.


The city was named for High Queen Agwene ni Gwydion (reigned 1990-2005). Agwene was high queen during the settlement of Thorlund and was considered a great benefactor of the common people because of her many democractic and liberal reforms.

The town is home to several universities and colleges. The University of Thorlund at Agwenberg, Thorlund Agricultural College, Guilford University, Luther College, and Agwenberg College are all located in Agwenberg. The town also contains a technical two-year institution, Agwenberg Community College.

Agwenberg is home to the famous Lutheran theologian Gerhard Merkel, the science fiction writer Angela de Maizière, and the widely revered philosopher Clement Modrow.

Geographically, Agwenberg is the highest point in Thorlund and the entire Resurgent Dream. It is located on a high peak in the mountains of central Ambara. From the Agwenberg Cliffs just outside of town, one can see west over not only all Thorlund but hundreds of miles of Danaan Ambara, as the mountains turn to foothills and then to gentle plains.

Agwenberg is known as a center for heavy weight boxing. The championship fight to determine the National Heavy Weight Boxing Champion is traditionally held in Agwenberg.

Agwenberg is also home to the Agwenberg Falcons soccer team.


As of the census of February 2005, there are 411,621 people, 125,449 households, and 85,440 families residing in the city. The average household size is 3.5 and the average family size is 3.5. The racial make-up of the city is 97% white, 1% black, 1% East Asian, and 1% other. The per capita income is S43,830.


Ambaran Railways connects Agwenberg with the cities of Agwenstadt, Zwingli, and Solomon. The Agwenberg area is served by Rainer Taegert Regional Airport.


Notable structures in Agwenberg include a large water tower near the outskirts of town, the local mobile phone broadcast tower, and the large bell tower of First Lutheran Church.


Internet media

A number of internet Blogs are maintained by people from Agwenberg, making this decentralized medium a vital part of how people get their news in and about Agwenberg. The most popular Agwenberg Blogs are those maintained by Gerhard Merkel, Adal Lackner, and Daniel Mò hlbach.


The Agwenberg News and Record is the main daily newspaper in Agwenberg. A more left-wing source of news is the Agwenberg Guardian, while German language news is available in the Agwenberger Rundschau.

Television stations

As almost all Danaan television is either through cable or satellite, there are no local stations in the strict sense. However, there are a few channels based in Agwenberg which target local viewers and are only automatically provided to local (within Northeast Thorlund) cable customers, although customers in other areas can request them. They are listed below by station and channel number.

Colleges, schools, and universities