Ahute Lakatasari

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Ahute Lakatasari
head of State
National Speaker

Ahute Lakatasari is the National Speaker of Pa'atua. He is also a practicising surgeon, being one of the only two in the country before he moved to Los'vi.

He studied medicine abroad, at the Pacitalian campus of the Third World Open University, making him one of the few university-educated (and "Western"-educated) people in Pa'atua.

It was largely because of these qualifications, and his knowledge of the outside world, that the national Fono appointed Lakatasari to the position of National Speaker. His solid knowledge of national indigenous custom was also a factor.

It was Lakatasari who put out a plea for international aid to help cope with the climate change crisis in Pa'atua. When the Pa'atuans were resettled on Los'vi by the Alfegan authorities, Lakatasari went with them. The Pa'atuan government is now based on Los'vi, but retains legal jurisdiction over Pa'atua.