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The Corporate Republic of Aioran is not a country, per se. But rather a collection of corporations working together to bring consumers worldwide the most advanced products they can. Recently, however, the number of corporations involved in Aioran has drastically decreased as they are bought and absorbed by one of the ten 'Hyper Corporations'. These 'Hyper Corporations' oversee all of Aioran, insuring all companies and businesses abide by the same rules.

The Corporate Republic of Aioran
Flag of Aioran
Motto: "Pay"? What means this "Pay"?
Region Uroca
Sub-Region Aberdeen
Capital Byltain
Largest City Byltain (Estimated to contain 550,000,000 citizens)
Spoken Language(s) English, Aioranese
Government Corporate Bordello
Head(s) of Government The Board of Directors
  - Total
  - Urban
  - Rural

  - Total (USD)
  - GDP Per Capita (USD):

National animal
Currency 1 Helium Tank (HT) = $1.8746 (USD)
NationStates NSEconomy

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  • Austrivon
  • Belmount
  • Byltain – Capital City
  • Erea
  • Ibicia
  • Tren
  • Viryrius

Regions of Aioran

  • Actianius
  • Albernona
  • Atlion
  • Bythanis
  • Estuna
  • Ethia
  • Eulias
  • Ibas
  • Itara
  • Itea
  • Tallis
  • Tiln
  • Taeve
  • Virarnur
  • Viratrias
  • Virisova

General Information

The Corporate Republic of Aioran, often shortened to Aioran, is a member nation of UROCA and is one of the most economically powerful nations in the region.

Population Estimates:

Officially Recorded Population: 3,732,000,000
Ethnicities: Aioranese 86% Non-Aioranese 14%
Languages: English, Aioranese
Income Tax Rate: 0%


Aioran is on a small island west of the main continent of Aberdeen of which it occupies half. The terrain is rarely flat which often results in very artistically placed and designed buildings as well as a large amount of money for new constructions being spent on landscaping.

Summer Temperature Range: 12°C - 20°C
Winter Temperature Range: ˉ3°C - 8°C
Brief Terrain Description: Frozen Tundra, Ice and Bore, Snow Covered Mountains and Hills, Medium to Sparse Cold-Resistant Fauna
Lowest Known Point: The Frozen Plains (The Coreopsis Plains) - ˉ26masl
Highest Known Point: The Incandescent Spire (Mt. Amaryllis) - 3189masl


Note: "B.A" means 'Before Aioran' "A.F" means 'After Formation'

600 - 500 B.A
Before the concept of Aioran was thought of the land was occupied by many different factions. These factions fought and warred against one another, competing for wealth and land. Resources, once seized, were latched onto. Only being given up when the cost of keeping it outweighed the benefit of keeping it. Boundaries were constantly shifting and each time this happened the new occupants expected tribute or tax from their newly conquered lands. Consequently, peasant rebellions were common resulting in harsh punishments for anyone deemed a conspirator.

500 - 400 B.A
By this time the majority of factions had condensed into just a few super powers. They by their own right could have been nations by themselves. They continued to fight one another as they had done for centuries past. However, the continuous bloodshed was taking a toll on the entire region and patches of neutrality were beginning to appear.

400 - 300 B.A
At this point in time the factions were no longer strong enough to keep attacking one another. Instead, they retreated to the most prized of their land and built fortifications to ensure the continued ownership of their realms. This retreat allowed the neutral towns and communities to flourish, eventually leading to the creation of free business and enterprise.

300 - 200 B.A
The power of the neutral towns and communities had begun to surpass that of the factions. The neutral towns began to expand and the first neutral city emerged. Byltain, named after its first mayor, Alexander Byltain. More neutral cities were soon to follow.

200 - 100 B.A
100 years after the completion of Byltain came 'Erea'. The last neutral city. Soon after it was completed the factions systematically collapsed leaving a great power vacuum and struggle which consumed all of Aioran.

100 B.A - 0 A.F
After nearly a century of fighting for power ten corporations, lead by ten powerful individuals, had had enough. Secretly they made plans to seize power and unite their broken land into one colossal nation, Aioran, and they would be its leaders. They were the original Board of Directors.

0 A.F (5 years ago)
The Board of Directors are officially recognised as the government of Aioran and renovation of a large apartment building into the parliamentary building is ordered. Also, during this period of time Lord Numenis Loyalar is assassinated and replaced by his daughter Lady Aliella Loyalar who now heads Intems Technology.

5 A.F (Current Day)
Aioran is now part of Aberdeen. A region of which they have grown very fond of and one they gladly sell high quality goods to at low prices. Another assassination attempt is made but the assassin is killed by the Intems Technology security system and Lady Aliella Loyalar is saved. However, the reason for the assassination attempts is never determined.

Government Policy

Currently the Government believes that education is of the utmost importance making it mandatory for all individuals between the ages of four and eighteen to attend school. As well as it being compulsory it is also free to those families or individuals who are less financially secure than the majority of residents in Aioran. After education, the Government diverts the most funds to Healthcare, Commerce and the Environment. The least going to the Environment, as defecating "nature" is highly illegal with stricter punishments only being allocated to more serious crimes such as homicide and fraud. The smallest amount of the Government's funds go to Law & Order, due to the exceedingly low crime rate, Transport, because of the privatisation of the public transport industry, and Social Welfare owing to the substantial income of the "average" Aioranese citizen.

Government Structure

At the top of the government sit the Board of Directors (BoD). Each member of the Board of Directors heads one of the ten Hyper Corporations and controls different sections of the government. All of the corporations, with the exception of Intems Technology, are headed by their founding member.


The Board of Directors are at the top of Aioran's governmental hierarchy, next are their assistants who work solely for the Director who employs them. They are often titled First or Second (or even Third) assistant. While technically First Assistant outranks Second Assistant, and so on, they are not able to give orders to the other assistants unless expressly told to do so by their employer, also as Assistants are only considered to be employees of the Director themselves (and not the company the Director heads) they are unable to ascend to the position of Director unless it is specifically gifted to them by the aforementioned Director. Below the assistants comes the other CEOs of the Directors' companies. Then come their Vice-CEOs (or assistants if they have no Vice-CEOs), followed after by the CEOs of Non-Board companies.

The Ten Hyper Corporations and Their Respective Leaders:

  • Systems CRA - Maddison E. Russell
  • Praytell Capital - Fenris Loup
  • Intems Technology - Lady Aliella Loyalar
  • Radiant Research - Sila Moore
  • Atlion Design - Donatien Rosser
  • Microns Consulting - Roscoe Navarrete
  • Silium Development - Darron Lenz
  • Teration Partners - Eveline Chaves
  • Zitanc, Inc - Felicia Villai
  • Draticin Ventures - Markus Tate


While each of private military corporations owned by individual members of the Board of Directors posses their own private forces the statistics for the official Aioran Military are as follows:

Naval Forces:

1 Virisova Class Dreadnought, 3 Ethia Class Battleships, 15 Tallis Class Battlecruisers, 16 Austrivon Class Cruisers, 20 Viryrius Class Destroyers, 10 Albernona Class Submarines and 3 Byltain Class Aircraft Carriers.

Other Information

Executive Tower:
With a height of 380m the Executive Tower is the tallest building in Byltain and 10th tallest in Aioran. Originally designed to be an apartment complex it was transformed by some of the most powerful people in Aioran into the Executive Tower. The tower is nearly 5 years old and has only had to have minor structural repairs despite being struck by lightning on a regular basis. The building has been designed so as to not support any particular company or enterprise. Despite this, the heads' of companies have ceased entering the tower and instead use a combination of video messaging and personal representatives to communicate with other members of "government".

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