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Audland's Department of Aeronautics classifies airports under four levels: International, Municipal, Local, and Recreational.


International airports are able to accommodate traffic from other nations, and are partially funded by the national government.

Symbol    Name                        Serves                Location
AUD       Audland National Airport    Lancaster, LC     Bushel Heights, LC


Symbol    Name                        Serves                Location
AUDM-NSC  New Scotland Airport        New Scotland, AL      Colby, AL
AUDM-MCC  McCarthy Municipal Airport  McCarthy, CL          New Lansing, CL
AUDM-ROU  Rouston Municipal Airport   Rouston, RO           Mikeltown, RO
AUDM-EAS  Easton Municipal Airort     Easton, MA            Delmar, MA
AUDM-CAM  Cambridge Municipal Airport Cambridge, LI         South Manning, LI

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Major cities: Lancaster, New Scotland, McCarthy, Rouston
Government of Audland: President Amanda Duncan, Vice-President Lawrence Arinson,
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