Aj Ud

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Aj Ud
former head of state
Prime Secretary
birth / death

Aj Ud was the leader of the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia for an uninterrupted 45 years. He was a member of the long-ruling Democratic Communist Party. He was first elected in 2074, and served nine consecutive five-year term.

Ud, an Indigenous Ariddian, had paling grey hair, and a calm, dignified expression on his wrinkled, pale-brown face.

It was under Ud’s leadership that Ariddia cemented peaceful relations with West Ariddia and further opened up to the world, signing a number of international treaties - including the Uhuhland Union Charter. Ud was renowned as a peaceful, rational, principled man. In his youth, he was a student in philosophy and literature (primarily at the University of Rêvane), and travelled abroad as much as he could afford to; he was also multilingual.

In 2112, Ud was hospitalised after a mild heart attack, and Nuriyah Khadhim was appointed as temporary head of State in his place. In 2114, he was re-elected at the age of 82, despite worsening health, but most of the head of State's fuctions were exercised by Khadhim. Ud announced in 2118 that he would not seek re-election the following year, and Ms. Khadhim was elected as his successor.

During the final months of his last term, he also held the title of President of Uhuhland. During his presidency, he oversaw several measures destined to promote better understand between the peoples of the Uhuhland Union, and most notably brought about legislation ensuring freedom of movement between member States.

He died in his sleep in 2128, at the age of 96.

For almost half a century, Aj Ud's name was synonymous with Ariddia, and remained so for countless Ariddians who, until Khadhim's election, had known no other Prime Secretary.


Preceded by:
Jacob Johnson
Ariddian Prime Secretary

2074 - 2119

Succeeded by:
Nuriyah Khadhim
Preceded by:
President of Uhuhland
Jan. 1, 2119 – May 14, 2119
Succeeded by:
Nuriyah Khadhim