Akira Jones

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Akira Jones
Position:Centre Forward
U21 Caps:0
U21 Goals:0
Clubs Played For:Beverington Hawks
Liga Starblaydia Goal of the Season Season 2 and 4 CoH 14 (for WC22) Winner

Akira Jones has the distinction of being the first player to score the Goal of the Season for Liga Starblaydia in two different seasons, both while playing in the black of Beverington Hawks.

Season 2's Goal

Beverington Hawks vs Bisarely Town, Matchday 31
"The fourth goal in a 4-1 demolition, Jones' was the best of the bunch, an overhead-kick from fifteen yards after some superb passing that opened up the Town's defence like a can of sardines."

Season 4's Goal

Beverington Hawks Vs Penningworth United, Matchday 7
"Wrong foot, in the air, back to goal, under pressure. They don't get much better than that."

Akira was the number-one striker for Nova Britanniucs, and top-scored on three of the four occasions he was drafted into the Bluebirds' squad: AOCAF 6 and 7 and World Cup 21, though was outscored by John Pompey for the World Cup 22 Qualifiers. Though Nova Britannicus failed to make it to the Finals of World Cup 22, they did enter into the Cup of Harmony, and won that competition, with Akira scoring a hat-trick in the final, a 5-2 demolition of two-time champions Kylaai. Thus, he is an eternal part of "Powers' Army", who brought the Cup of Harmony and some sporting history back to Nova Britannicus.

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Liga Starblaydia Goal of the Season
Season 2
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Liga Starblaydia Goal of the Season
Season 4
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